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8 year journey of understanding skin

Originating from the belief that healthy and beautiful skin will bring a different shine, Nacific always carries with it the mission of accompanying your skin with the motto: “The complete solution always comes from listening and understanding”. .

Nacific appreciates the values ​​given by nature, and constantly strives to find effective formulas and apply modern technology to its products, to bring effective skin care products and safe.

20 years of “listening”

Since 20 years ago, skin care surveys have been continuously taking place. Nacific’s team directly meets and chats with thousands of customers to listen deeply and find out the real skin problems.

Nacific - An 8-year journey of understanding the skin - Photo 1.

Nacific is ready to conduct surveys to “listen” to the needs of the skin

Since then, hundreds of studies and tests have been conducted to find the most suitable ingredients and formulas for each skin problem and ensure the quality in each product line.

8 years of “understanding”

After thousands of thorough surveys and professional production research, Nacific confidently appears on the market, providing natural skin care products. 8 years have passed, Nacific is proud to become one of the leading brands in Korea, serving more than 3,000,000 customers worldwide, especially in Asia.

Nacific - An 8-year journey of understanding the skin - Photo 2.

In the past few years, in Vietnam, Nacific has gradually been known and loved by many beauty followers who know and love skin care as a “rookie” in skin care with obvious effects and reasonable prices.

Besides, Nacific has also been collaborating with famous idol names such as Chanyeol (EXO), Stray Kids, creating a wave among young people who love K-POP. Nacific always listens, understands and appreciates the contributions of customers to gradually improve even the smallest things.

Nacific - An 8-year journey of understanding the skin - Photo 3.

Stray Kids x Nacific receives enthusiastic support from young people

Comprehensive solutions

Understanding what customers really need, Nacific not only provides products but also specialized solutions for customers. With 5 product lines available in Vietnam, Nacific offers a comprehensive solution for each skin, especially sensitive skin.

Nacific - An 8-year journey of understanding the skin - Photo 4.

5 Nacific product lines specialized for each skin problem.

Not just a product from nature, Nacific always innovates technology, applying patented ingredients to achieve the highest efficiency. With the mission of accompanying the skin, in the near future, Nacific promises to bring a boom when it comes to intensive care product lines from leading Korean experts.

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