The only ‘unlucky’ thing that you should think about every day to be ‘lived’ more

So what is “Death”?

“Death” is a term that is all too common for everyone. However, it is “interpreted” in many different ways, is “death” the beginning of a new world after leaving the “temporary” or the complete end of a human life? If really “death” is to open a new life and people have many different lives, is there a need for the most memorable and meaningful life that many people often praise?

In fact, up to now, what is “death” and where people go after death still receive mixed opinions from different groups of subjects. For example, many people believe that death is the end and the complete end of a “life”, but according to author Nguyen Phong in the book “Forever Life” – after hearing about his samsara A friend, he affirmed that people will go through many lives to develop and perfect themselves, the results that each person receives in the next life is from the “cause” they “sow” from the previous life.

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If life is many lives, then where does the “origin” of each human life come from?

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Who am I in my previous life or next life” or “Why was I born as “me” and not another animal/person?”. Perhaps if you can answer this question, you will feel somewhat luckier because of the “privilege” of being born as a human.

It’s correct! To be born human and even a healthy person – perhaps this is the first thing you need to appreciate and be grateful for because life is impermanent, being born and being “yourself” is already too much. luck, so instead of looking at many others envious and comparing, look at yourself to see, to understand and feel what you are.

What you were in your past life, where your “origin” came from, or who you are in your next life will seem to be a question that can’t be answered forever, but does it matter when there is only one person now and forever? are you and are you the only one? There won’t be a second Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison, neither will you!

The only 'unlucky' thing that you should think about every day to be 'lived' more - Photo 2.

If life has many lives, what is the meaning of death?

No one dares to deny or affirm that people have many lives or not. But no one denies that everyone will have to die and life after leaving that “temporary world”, no one can feel and “live” the way they are. That means, now and forever only you. Is anyone interested or curious about what is the second life of William Shakespeare, Beethoven or Mozart?

No one cared and it seemed like a cliché question. Whether people have passed through tens or hundreds of lives, please remember that the friend of the present can only live once in this life and you will surely die. People can know the specific date and time of their birth, but no one knows when they will die. Read this far, please stop and think for a moment, are you really “living” in your own finite circle or simply “existing”?

And perhaps it is because of the “limit” that God sets for each person that makes them more responsible and sooner or later realize their worth. Mark Manson (author of the book “The Subtle of Not Giving a F*ck”, and an American blogger) asserts: “It seems that death is the light in which all meaning of life is measured; if there is no death, everything becomes mundane, it all goes through arbitrarily, and the values ​​suddenly become zero.”

The only 'unlucky' thing that you should think about every day to be 'lived' more - Photo 3.

One day you will cease to exist…

Humans are too small in this vast, seemingly endless world. There will be times when you feel as if life is “against” you when you are faced with too much pressure from work, friends, family to relationships around, and then want to give up everything. . But close your eyes, look within yourself, and remember the privileges “you have” that many less fortunate people cannot accept: being born and being who you are.

Most importantly, think about death to have the motivation to design your own life and choose the right time to realize that dream, don’t hesitate, hesitate at all because no one knows what tomorrow will come. Well, you are living a finite life, but as your own “finite”, outsiders have no control over it. Finally, die when you really die because “there are people who live to be 70 but have been dead since 20”.

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