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The young husband worked hard all night and couldn’t do anything

The wedding night was long and sweet with a sweet foreplay, but at the climax, the husband couldn’t do anything

This is one of many cases of “problem” after the first relationship that Master, Doctor Pham Minh Ngoc, who specializes in Orthopedics, Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, received treatment.

On the wedding night, the young husband worked hard for an hour and couldn't do anything
Master’s degree, Doctor Pham Minh Ngoc specializes in Hospital Orthopedics
Male School and Infertility Hanoi visits patients

“Listening to them explaining the reason, I was quite surprised, not believing that such a situation could happen,” said Dr. Pham Minh Ngoc.

Accordingly, the couple traveled for more than 4 hours from a province far from Hanoi to find a doctor just because…. Can’t have sex even after 2 months of marriage. They said that the couple’s wedding night was long and long, with the best effort from both sides.

“But after a whole process with so much effort and struggle, the husband still could not put the penis into the wife’s vagina. The reason is just because the vaginal opening is not found.

It’s strange that the husband could not determine the exact position of the vagina and urethra, so he kept struggling… poked the wrong place. This makes both very hard, even painful without “doing anything”.

After I consulted and guided, the couple understood the problem and both were able to have a normal relationship”, Pham Minh Ngoc said.

Through this situation, male specialist Pham Minh Ngoc said it is a fact that many couples are not equipped with sexual knowledge before they are ready to have sex.

According to statistics from UNICEF Viet Nam, more and more young Vietnamese are having sex as a minor: 7.8% had sex for the first time before the age of 15 and this rate is in the group of 19 -24 years old is 1.3%.

Doctor of andrology Pham Minh Ngoc emphasized, the first love is always a memorable memory for both sexes. If the first “love” goes smoothly, it will create sublimation emotions, a strong desire to stick more, and stimulate the next time relationships.

“However, in reality, not every first “love” is complete. A lack of sex knowledge can lead to problems at first.

The young husband worked hard all night and couldn’t do anything
On the wedding night, the young husband worked hard for an hour but couldn’t find his wife’s “place” (artwork)

Excitement, excessive concentration when the first is highly stimulated can cause premature ejaculation; Psychological anxiety, stress to complete love can lead to poor erection.

There are even cases of penile trauma, tearing of the brake brake due to improper intercourse, unfinished love and sequelae, “said Dr. Minh Ngoc.

He said that in the course of his work, he had received, examined and treated many cases of trouble after having sex for the first time due to lack of experience and lack of skills. And the above couple is a pretty typical case that Dr. Minh Ngoc has received.

In the 4.0 era, children and young people in Vietnam have access to the internet and social networks, quickly integrating into the digital and communication era. According to Dr. Minh Ngoc, this brings many opportunities but also many risks when the knowledge they receive is not methodical, lacks science… leading to many wrong practices.

The evidence is that according to statistics at high school age, up to 29.5% of male students did not use condoms in the last sexual intercourse, and many young people used unscientific methods of contraception such as: Drinking lemonade , standing sex and cleaning the private area with lemon after sex.

Therefore, young people need to take advantage of the internet to prepare items before having sex such as genital structure, basic experience when having sex for the first time, sexually transmitted diseases. , contraceptives… to make the first love safe, complete, full of emotions and become a memorable memory.

However, young people should also choose official information instead of unverified information on the Internet. In addition, teenagers should also seek specialist doctors for advice and best preparation for sexual and reproductive health, “said Dr. Minh Ngoc.

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