Things Men Who Are Rich or Will Be Rich NEVER DO

Here are things that rich men absolutely never do. In contrast, men without prospects will often have the following personality traits and habits.

1. Accept staying in one position forever

Rich and successful men like Elon Musk believe that our concept of life should be to prolong our goals and raise our standards.

If you are too complacent with what you have, you will be like a frog at the bottom of a well.

A man must be bold and not afraid of wind, fog and difficulties. It means facing life’s difficulties, daring to do and dare to change yourself, for example you can give up a job that you find boring, not suitable for you and start a new one. something new and more relevant to you. Don’t be afraid of danger, don’t be afraid to take risks, but accept life’s challenges to help you on the way to success. Only then is life truly meaningful.

2. Hate What You Are Doing, But Still Do It

Although you are disgusted with safety, you stay within your safety because you are afraid to step outside is stormy. You are afraid of risk. You fear the new is not as good as the familiar. In the end, it’s because you are not confident enough in your own abilities.

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The ancients used to have a saying “Nam Nhi is in the four directions”, which means that as a man living in this world, you need to have a clear direction and goal to achieve success. can do great things. And the men who live without the will to strive are considered as complete failures, and it is also understandable why you will never be “well” up.

Rich men beat fast, win fast, see opportunities in all circumstances, ready to face challenges. Rich men hate TEMPORARY GOOD things, because their goal is GREAT life.

3. Focus on money and don’t spend time with loved ones

Rich people don’t do that, and it’s not because they already have enough money that they don’t care anymore.

Simply because they understand the importance of loved ones:

One day, when he returned to the cold house, there was no one there even though he had a lot of money in his account.

4. Gone with the crowd, afraid to go your own way and fail

There is a saying: The measure of a man is not the moment he is comfortable and relaxed, but the moment he argues and faces challenges.

However, there are still men who like to flatter, live irresponsibly, follow the crowd, only do things that are useful to themselves, and live without opinions. Their point of view is to use every trick to get money, position, and live in groups. This type of man lives without responsibility, has no will, cannot handle big things.

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5. Selfish

Many people think that rich men must have enough money to bear it. But no, tolerance is inherent in human nature, not because of money that accumulates.

Narrow-minded men, no matter how outstanding, do not receive the trust and confidence of their colleagues. The reason is that when near, colleagues will always have headaches because of the detailed calculation, only knowing their interests. Remember, if you give, then expect to receive.

6. Watching too much TV

Spending time on entertaining game shows on TV only brings temporary pleasure, but the useful value in the future is almost little. Instead of spending time on TV screens, rich men will read books, expand knowledge, play sports to exercise, relax; Or simply rest in peace to regenerate energy after stressful working hours.

7. Always putting too much emotion into decision and problem solving

Chung Ju yung, who built the Hyundai empire, the second largest multinational corporation in Korea, once said: “As a man, willpower is the most important. Being young, you can be poor in property, poor in material, but not poor in will. Constantly blaming difficulties, poor circumstances and lack of resources, you will forever be just a coward, useless, and a failure.

Instead of thinking rationally, men who put too much emotion when giving opinions, are easy to become sad and weak. This is the type of man who, when he has a problem, will never learn or look at the problem from another angle, but instead focus on blaming, whining and complaining. It is very difficult to be a support for women and also very difficult to have a glorious life later.

8. Spend more than you have

The greatest tragedy of men is not lack of money, but short-sightedness in thinking. They do not see the future, settle with the present, do not even consider their own future. This is not just a matter of vision, but also a matter of perception.

Men all day only know how to play, enjoy pleasures, but laziness is difficult to accept. Without knowing how to put career and life above pleasures, trivial temptations will not be able to take on greater responsibilities.

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9. Eat out often

Simply because eating out is not good for your health, so wasting money is not worth it, but it also brings no benefit to yourself.

10. Isolate yourself because you think you can do it alone

It is very difficult for people who always do everything alone to create achievements in their careers because modern society is a collective society, and work requires exchange. If not corrected, this type of man will fall into a state of “working through the day”.

The richer one becomes, the more one realizes that relationships are really important and can definitely determine one’s success.

So the rich are not the ones who close their doors and lock themselves in there.

11. Live without a plan

In the movie Parasite, there is a line like this: “The best plan is no plan at all, because life will never go our way. Without a plan, nothing will happen. It’s okay too.”

And you see, what was the end of that ‘parasite’ family? That is the defense of the poor. Living without a plan, without a direction, living today without knowing tomorrow shows that you have no vision at all. Therefore, there will never be an open horizon for those who live without a plan.

12. Believe in luck and fortune telling

Life’s road is turbulent, ups and downs, but every time there is a problem, some people go to divination to ‘consult’ and do everything the fortuneteller says. After all, because they have lost their direction in their current life, they have to rely on some supernatural force. This ‘spiritual victory’ does not occur in rich men. Because brave men, rich men only believe in their own strength. They are not governed by the subjective opinions of shady forces.

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