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Doctor Truong Huu Khanh: Embarrassed when infected with Omicron – why, is it dangerous?

Saturday, March 19, 2022 11:00 AM (GMT+7)

In the context of the rapidly spreading Omicron strain, there are some symptoms that worry many Covid-19 patients, but in fact, this condition is also normal and does not cause harm to the body.

A lot of people complain of being tired and “sick” when sick Covid-19 in the context that Omicron is spreading fast. Some people are normal for the first few days, but then they are tired. This symptom lasts about 3 days, but if the infected person still has a good appetite, the SPO2 measurement is still normal, it is okay, it will definitely go away.

The state of being tired, “lethargic” is also related to the body being exhausted of energy – something that anyone who has had a viral fever can also feel. With a new virus like SARS-CoV-2 the more energy the body expends. That energy is to create antibodies that help people with Covid-19 recover from the disease and protect them from re-infection for a while.

That’s why I advise everyone to nourish themselves when they have Covid-19 and even after that. If you lose a lot of energy, you have to eat a lot. It is not necessary to take supplements, but to eat more, to eat a variety of foods, to have enough nutrients and enough energy to supplement the deficiency.

When the disease is over, the body also requires enough sleep to recover, not to mention sometimes because of the discomfort and stress of the illness, so it can’t sleep. So, if you’re sleepy, just sleep. If you sleep enough, eat enough, you will be healthy.

Not only Covid-19 but also other viral infections, should not be underestimated about nutrition and need to get enough sleep after recovering. If you can’t compensate for your energy, you may be tired for weeks, even months, and think “post-Covid-19”. In fact, it’s because you don’t get enough nutrition, so you lose strength.

Some people experience a fever that appears to be chills. This condition will go away after taking fever-reducing medicine and drinking warm water. Chills are caused by fever – a condition that occurs in many other viral illnesses as well.

Then, someone took their temperature and found that the body was just over 35 degrees. This is also normal, just drink warm water and it will go away. It also often happens when the person is well, the fever is gone.

Some people sweat a lot, soaking their clothes. It is also a harmless symptom. Just drink regular rehydration will relieve fatigue. Because, if you sweat, you will lose water, if you don’t rehydrate, you will be tired due to lack of water, not because you sweat a lot.

Doctor Truong Huu Khanh (Advisor of Infection Division, Children’s Hospital 1)

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