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Rich guest tour secret

When they hear a hotel room rate of $5,000 per night, they will say, “OK, book” without hesitation.

Experts in travel planning, tour bookings for celebrities and the super-rich in the US share the most surprising things about their guests.

Money is never a problem

Even after working in the field for 11 years, Greg Antone lle, the planner VIP tour, still surprised to find that money with wealthy guests is never a problem. “They don’t consider it. They just say ‘OK, order’. They want to do whatever it takes to have a special and unforgettable experience,” he said.

Antone’s guests can nod without thinking when they decide to stay in a room that costs $5,000 per night, pay a guide $850 an hour, and take a $15,000 to $100,000 tour.

Greg Antone lle and his wife, who work in booking tours for the rich.  Photo: Greg Antonelle/MickeyTravels

Husband and wife Greg Antone lle, who work in booking tours for the rich. Photo: Greg Antonelle/MickeyTravels

Jaclyn Sienna India, founder of luxury lifestyle company Sienna Charles, is no longer confused by requests from guests with a net worth of $500 million or more. He used to arrange tours with just his guests at the Taj Mahal in India or the Colosseum in Rome, Italy without being bothered by anyone.

“That doesn’t matter, when you’re dealing with a client with billions of dollars in assets. We can literally do anything, if the customer is willing to pay their bills.” , he said.

Not all celebrities book the most expensive room

Customers who pay $30,000 for a VIP tour may not really care about a fine dinner or hotel, says Antone. In December 2021, he received a request to book a vacation for the famous actor and singer at the Disney World resort. Instead of staying in a room for $30,000, the artist stayed in a standard room for a few hundred dollars.

Confusing request

Mariah Carey once asked to be served a bottle of champagne with a bent straw while on vacation, according to the magazine. Marie Claire. Britney Spears wants a framed photo of Princess Diana in a hotel locker room. Rihanna asked for a large fur rug.

Jason Covillion, partner at Bruvion, a celebrity travel agency, estimates that customers spend an average of $20,000 on a trip. He helps wealthy families book a $600,000-a-week vacation.

Couvillion caters to all customer needs, from custom room temperature, branded purified water refrigerators or ensuring the right amount of sunlight enters through room windows during the day. .

A famous artist on a Couvillion tour once required that every hotel room he visited during his tour had a candle. Even though this person didn’t touch the candle, he still asked, to make sure the hotel pays attention to every detail.

Guests relax by the infinity pool at a luxury resort.  Photo: BlueOrange Studio/Alamy

Guests relax by the infinity pool at a luxury resort. Photo: BlueOrange Studio/Alamy

What is simple for ordinary customers is difficult for rich people

Couvillion commented that the guests were wonderful, but sometimes they weren’t used to the usual stuff, or were easy to improvise when they were late for a flight or didn’t see someone to pick them up at the airport.

He used to cry and laugh when he took wealthy guests to the airport without a shuttle. “Guests tell me that walking through the airport is the hardest thing in the world they have to do on their own,” he said.

Rich people often become loyal customers

Catherine Heald, co-founder of Remote Lands, a luxury travel agency specializing in booking Asian tours, admits the post-trip relationship was what surprised them the most. Regular customers rarely contact and connect with tour operators after the trip. But rich guests are different. Heald works with clients who are willing to spend between $25,000 and half a million dollars on a single trip.

Catherine Heald is on her way to Asia.  Photo: Remote Land

Catherine Heald is on her way to Asia. Photo: Remote Land

Guests who typically spend between $25,000 and $500,000 stay in touch with Heald. They book his tours year after year. For example, this year, they booked Heald for a safari in Africa, and next year asked him to rent a villa in the Maldives. “They always know what’s going on in our lives and so do we,” he said.

What surprised Heald further was that these guests were also in constant long-term contact with the locals where they visited. “We introduced our guests to a local archaeologist in Siem Reap when they went to Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The guests and archaeologists kept in touch years later,” he said.

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