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Russia is about to face a serious and unpredictable technology crisis

Russia faces many challenges when it lacks data storage infrastructure (Artwork: ITE).

Since the start of the military operation on the territory of Ukraine, the country has suffered various forms of economic sanctions from Western countries. In particular, many Western cloud storage service providers have also withdrawn from the Russian market as a form of sanctions, which leaves the country facing a serious technology crisis.

Russian news agency Kommersant Citing close sources, Russia is currently only about two months away from using up all the data storage tools in the country. Due to sanctions from the West, Russian companies have been forced to switch to domestic cloud storage services, which has spiked the demand for data storage and made the infrastructure unavailable. timely response.

Many analysts believe that the lack of infrastructure to store data will cause Russia to face a serious problem and can have many unpredictable consequences.

Source of Kommersant added that the problem is even more difficult to solve when the demand for data storage in Russia is increasing sharply in recent years, especially when the country is implementing many projects related to smart cities, systems. Video surveillance and face recognition… require huge data storage and processing capabilities.

Kommersant said, recently, the Russian Ministry of Digital Transformation held an urgent meeting, with the participation of many carriers and large technology firms in Russia such as MegaFon, Rostelecom, Yandex… to find solutions to overcome the problem. fix the problem.

After this meeting, a number of solutions were proposed, including requiring telecommunications service providers to increase storage capacity for data for anti-terrorism surveillance purposes. In addition, the Russian government will also ask Internet service providers to remove unnecessary multimedia streaming services and online entertainment platforms that consume a lot of storage space.

An option also considered by the Russian government is to requisition data centers and servers left behind by Western companies after withdrawing from the Russian market, and then integrate these data centers. to the national Internet network infrastructure to use.

The final solution considered by the Russian government is thanks to Chinese cloud storage services, but this solution is uncertain because it is not clear whether Chinese companies are willing to cooperate with Russia or not. not because this could expose Chinese companies to US and Western sanctions.

If a suitable solution cannot be found to completely solve the problem, the lack of a data center to store and process data will not only affect the technology and communication fields, but also affect the seriously affect the Russian economy in the near future.

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