The race to make billions of land brokers in the province

Ms. Ng, a freelance broker in the East Saigon area, has left the Ho Chi Minh City real estate market for about 4 months now (from the end of 2021) to look for opportunities to make money with the heat of the province’s real estate.

“Now, I’ve returned to the provincial market to sell land, sister. In the city market, there are too few customers, and there is no source of goods …”, Ng shared in a recent conversation.

Since the time of leaving the provincial market, Ms. Ng’s commission has also been much better than working in the city market. According to Ms. Ng, being a real estate broker without a source of goods to sell is considered a failure to develop a career.

Therefore, in the context of the scarcity of land in the city, the opportunity for land in the province is still there; Investors looking to buy and sell are still quite large. In the province, Ms. Ng and her group of friends mainly focus on selling agricultural land and garden land. This is also a “wave” segment in provincial markets from 2021 up to now.

“Selling large agricultural land for a few hundred million dong/sao is quite easy to sell. Investors buy a lot, even surf. Each successful transaction, the commission level also ranges from 30-50 million. Because I’m new, the number of customers is not much, but it’s normal for many of you down here to earn billions in a few months,” said Ms. Ng.

It is known that when returning to the province, Ms. Ng cooperates with a local broker to receive the source of goods and then sell them in groups. The group linked together continuously brought back the source of goods, offered them for sale, and then divided them proportionally. Unlike the city market, when selling agricultural land in the province, brokers operate in the “let go” style (ie brokers match customers and land owners, taking commissions), and notarization is between the customer and the landowner. and the land owner then, if necessary, the broker will come to support.

Due to the continuous operation in different regions, receiving goods and selling continuously to investors, the purchasing power is good, so on average, Ms. Ng and her group can successfully trade dozens of lots every month.

“There was a time when investors went to see the land and asked their group to find 8 lots at a time. When there was no available source of goods, the group had to split up for many days to find products for investors to deposit. Those plots are now already closed. to a different price level,” said Ms. Ng.

Learn to know, besides the brokers who have a job, the market in the neighboring province of Saigon also appears “horizontal” brokers, running after the land fever and making hundreds of millions to billions of dong in a short period of time. .

Although he has only been in the market for 2 months, Mr. N (a local resident of Dinh Quan, Dong Nai) has successfully traded 10 land lots, earning more than 400 million in commissions.

Although he did not work as a broker before, Mr. N had a source of goods, so he combined with other specialized brokers to greet investors. According to Mr. N, the majority of buyers are investors from other areas, most of which are from Ho Chi Minh City.

Records show that the ground wave in early 2022 is moving in the neighboring provinces of Saigon. Many real estate brokers follow in search of opportunities. Many people leave the city market to return to the province, even “eating beams” in the provincial market to act as brokers, or invest in “waves”.

A longtime broker in Nhon Trach market (Dong Nai) said that the provincial market still has many opportunities for real estate brokers. If in previous years, bordering markets were the “profitable” land of real estate brokers, but now remote provinces such as Binh Thuan, Lam Dong, Binh Dinh … have emerged as markets with sources of resources. abundant goods. Brokers therefore also join the army to earn income opportunities.

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