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Van Don allowed the separation of another plot of land

After the suspension period, Van Don re-introduced the policy of segregation of land parcels and conversion of land use.

The Van Don district website says that since March 17, the district public administration center has been commissioned by the district People’s Committee to receive registration documents for this procedure in the area.

Therefore, the application for land use conversion, separation of land parcels from rural or urban areas must ensure that the land parcels after separation are included in the 1/500 planning area approved as residential land. The plot of land must also meet the conditions in accordance with the regulations on land, construction and the relevant directives of the People’s Committee of the Quang Ninh province.

The Center also receives and processes files for the separation of plots of land that are included in the agricultural land group, namely land for annual crops, land for annual crops, and land for cultivation in the same plot of land as the house.

The Natural Resources and Environment Division, Land Use Rights Registry, relevant departments, commune and municipal People’s Committees are tasked with assessing and submitting documents. These agencies need to review and publish areas that are eligible for land use conversion purposes and plot separations in the district. Guiding the community to announce the registration file for changes in land use and the distribution of land parcels according to statutory regulations.

The Department of Economy – Infrastructure is tasked with advising districts on disseminating rules and regulations on planning, architecture and landscape management in urban and rural areas without detailed construction planning.rate 1/500 approved. This will be the basis for Van Don to complete the change in land use purposes, separating plots of land for households and individuals who use the land in the future.

Van Don’s decision is aimed at resolving the need for land parcel separation and land use conversion for household and individual purposes in the area after this period of temporary cessation of activities.

Previously, from 15 August 2021, Quang Ninh did not allow the separation of plots for residential land and non-agricultural production and business land; agricultural land in the form of gardens and ponds, land for growing perennials and annual crops in the same plot of land as the house; land for tree planting suitable for land use planning is residential land and borders plots with residential land. The house meets the requirements for residential land recognition but the area of ​​the plot of land after division is less than 45m2, width and depth is less than 4.5m (excluding road area and land for technical infrastructure). ..) is also not allowed to perform the procedure.

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