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‘Wave’ – fierce and gentle in Xuan Quynh’s life

The melody of the song “Wave” plays when the character Xuan Quynh – who was inspired by a famous poet – suffers because her husband is happy with someone else.

On the night of March 19, the musical Waving – based on the life story, love of the poet Xuan Quynh – performed in Hanoi, attracted the attention of the audience. Artist Cao Ngoc Anh – general director – said that he took two marriages – according to the two milestones in the life of the female artist as creative inspiration. The crew adds fictional details in married life, Xuan Quynh’s departure to bring drama to work.

The musical is divided into two chapters, the first chapter showing the relationship between the female singer and her first husband Trong Khoa (prototype: Luu Tuan). The two knew each other while participating in a touring group in Russia, Xuan Quynh is a dancer, Trong Khoa is a musician. They love each other and get married. However, his second marriage was quickly damaged by the burden of rice and money. Xuan Quynh only took care of the children, did housework, wrote poetry, and wrote newspapers to earn money. While Trong Khoa is busy with music, he is unable to take care of his wife and children. In the end, the two decided to divorce.

Chapter two opens Xuan Quynh’s new life with Dang Duong (prototype: Lu Quang Vu). When Xuan Quynh was suffering from a broken marriage, Dang Duong came to comfort and support her. Then the feeling came, they got married. Both live happily, careers flourish and have two obedient children. The incident happened when Dang Duong often worked away from home and had another woman. Xuan Quynh was tired of waiting at home and died after a heart attack.

Xuan Quynh (left, played by Thu Thao) and first husband Trong Khoa (prototype: Luu Tuan, played by Quoc Viet).  Photo: Tuoi Tre . Theater

Xuan Quynh (right, played by Thu Thao) and first husband Trong Khoa (prototype: Luu Tuan, played by Quoc Viet). Photo: Youth Theater

The music of Xuan Quynh’s poetry is the highlight of the drama. Song Melody boat and sea opens the work, takes the viewer to the ups and downs in the poet’s life. The lyrics “Only the boat can understand / How vast the sea is / Only the sea knows / Where the boat is going, where to go” … intertwined with the sound of the waves, the image of the boat, the sea thanks to the presentation technique, the projection creates a real feeling.

20 songs composed by composers Tuong Van and Minh Dao based on Xuan Quynh’s famous works such as Waves, If tomorrow I don’t write poetry anymore, Sing to myself, Even though I know for sure you’ll come back… and several poems by Luu Quang Vu. Musicians save 90% of poetry lyrics to voice the character’s heart, and at the same time create a close relationship with poet lovers. The actor sings live on stage in the voice of a 23-person semi-classical orchestra.

Melodies based on poetry My hand echoes in the scene where Xuan Quynh is trapped due to a difficult life, a poor family, a sick child, creating vibrations. “My fingers are not long / Calluses are old, hard blue veins”. When Xuan Quynh and her first husband divorced, the son lived with his father, song lyrics I love mom describes the bitterness of a female singer when she has to leave her child.

Work If I don’t write poetry tomorrow helped express Xuan Quynh’s heart when he received his retirement backwards so that Dang Duong could freely spread his wings in his career. The lyrics are “hard and soft”, “noisy and quiet” of the song Waving depicts Xuan Quynh’s suffering and torment while waiting for her husband to return. The female singer knows her husband is having an affair but is still deceiving herself.

music quote "Waving"

Quotes of Xuan Quynh’s character performing the song “Wave”. Videos: Understanding Humans

Young actor scores points in ability to transform, sing and dance. Thu Thao changed flexibly when he transformed into Xuan Quynh. She shows the innocence and mischief of her character as a beautiful dancer, loved by many boys. The actor portrays the aging and fatigue of a woman who suffers from love through facial expressions and postures.

The 21-year-old actress is currently a Performing Arts student, University of Culture. Prior to that, Thu Thao went through many casting rounds to be selected for the role. In addition to practicing acting and choreography, the actor reads documents and learns about Xuan Quynh’s personality and personality to incarnate. “The female singer has the courage to think, dare to act, has aspirations, dreams. It was very easy for me to play the role when he was 18, but it was difficult to find a way to put emotion in and fully express the character at 40.”

Le Viet Anh scored a goal in his singing ability while playing Luu Quang Vu. The singer performed two of Luu Quang Vu’s popular poems – Blue sky eyes when Dang Duong first met and fell in love with Xuan Quynh and the song The house is close about the lives of two people when they get married. However, Le Viet Anh reveals weaknesses in several scenes that require the inner character of the character.

Viet Anh (black shirt) in the scene where Xuan Quynh's character dies.  Photo: Quang Vinh

Viet Anh (black shirt) at the place where Xuan Quynh died. Photo: success

Quoc Viet plays Trong Khoa with good acting, but his voice still has a lot of flaws. In addition to the three main characters, this drama gathers nearly 30 artists, so the quality of acting, choreography, and singing is not uniform. Sometimes the actor loses his breath and loses his voice.

Tuan Luu Tuan Anh – son of Xuan Quynh and artist Luu Tuan – burst into tears when he saw the work. He said the team emotionally portrayed a story inspired by people, the lives of their mothers, biological fathers and stepfathers. He was impressed by the Khoa character of his father – the violinist Luu Tuan, whom everyone paid little attention to. “It’s natural for me to cry because this is a musical about my mother – the person I love the most in my life. The poems are set to very good music, modern, young, but retaining the old colors,” says Luu Tuan Anh.

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