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Attractive investment problem at Picenza Riverside

The Picenza Riverside project not only sets a new standard of living in Ho Chi Minh City. Son La but also creates attraction when investors launch attractive preferential policies and flexible financial plans, which is the solution to the problem of effective profitability.

The ideal solution to the smart investment problem

With the advantage of the most synchronous and modern planning in the city. With a “speedy” progress in Son La, the Picenza Riverside project is the answer for those who are looking for a modern, fully-equipped living space, and at the same time a profitable real estate product in the near future. future.

The Picenza Riverside project is known as the most high-class, modern and large-scale urban complex in Son La, with 4 main product lines: villas, townhouses, shophouses, and land plots. The advantage is located in the urban core axis of the city center. Son La, Picenza Riverside project is highly appreciated by investors for its potential. In particular, even though it accounts for only a small number of total products per project, shophouses have outstanding profit potential compared to many other types thanks to their ideal location, frontage to major roads in the urban area. and perfect conditions of population density inside and outside the project. In the future, this place promises to become a busy commercial street, the leading entertainment “coordinate” in the city. Son La. Therefore, this type of real estate not only ensures good liquidity but also has the opportunity to increase value after completion.

Thanks to its ideal location in a classy urban area, Picenza Riverside Son La shophouse is an ideal opportunity for business ideas in all industries. While the shophouse on the street of 16.5m, the street of 25m is an ideal place to open a showroom of furniture, fashion, cosmetics, spa, beauty care, etc., the shophouse on the stream side is suitable for opening a cafe, restaurant, etc.

Attractive investment problem at Picenza Riverside
Picenza Riverside project becomes the new entertainment center of the city. Son La

To see more clearly the efficiency of the investment problem, Picenza Vietnam Group – the project investor has analyzed the difference between ordinary residential houses and houses in Picenza Riverside.

Attractive investment problem at Picenza Riverside
Source: Picenza Vietnam Corporation

At the Picenza Riverside project, the investor also offers many flexible payment options, helping customers reduce financial pressure and split capital flows into other investment channels, optimizing profits and minimizing risks. ro. For customers who need to borrow capital, the bank will support loans up to 70%, the investor also provides maximum support to increase profits for customers by supporting 0% interest rate for up to 24 months, discounts. discount up to 6% for early payment; additional discount of up to 5% when buying multiple products; housewarming gifts up to 50 million.

For example, a product of land plot, area 80m2 worth about 1.7 billion VND, payment according to the schedule, customers will only need to pay 20% in advance, equivalent to 340 million VND to sign a purchase and sale contract. In the next payment, customers will “cash in” 10% after 30 days. The remaining amount can be fully leveraged, taking advantage of the support of banks and investors. Thus, with just over 500 million initial capital, customers can own a potential real estate, an asset with stable added value and profitable according to the growth rate of the real estate market. produce. Besides, the announced selling price is quite good and many incentives are an advantage for investors. When receiving the house handover, customers can immediately operate it through self-employment or rental to generate immediate profits.

Attractive investment problem at Picenza Riverside
The investor “launches” attractive incentives to stimulate demand and reduce the financial burden for customers

All of the above factors are a “guarantee” of the quality and attractiveness of the Picenza Riverside project. This is not only a pure residential product, but also rich in value for investors who are quick to grasp potentials and opportunities.

Picenza Riverside project

Investor: Picenza Vietnam Corporation

Hotline: 039 963 0000 VND

Project Communication Marketing Unit: Glexhomes

Website: https://picenzariverside.vn/

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