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Live like F0 even though you don’t get sick

Since the peak of the epidemic in early March, Mai Le almost did not leave the house. The agency allows work from home, she is pregnant herself, she does not go out to ensure safety.

“Due to the complicated epidemic, my agency allows working from home if the job is guaranteed. I am 2 months pregnant with my second baby, so I am very worried that it will affect my baby’s health. Family I have a mother who has Covid-19 but luckily it doesn’t infect anyone”, Truong Thi Mai Le (28 years old), a lecturer in Ha Giang province, shared with Zing.

For nearly a month, female lecturers have limited going out to buy food, including breakfast. She often calls to ship, asks to leave the goods at the door and transfer the money to the seller.

“Every time I receive a shipment, I always spray disinfectant on the item and disinfect my hands. I have a 3-year-old child at home, so I’m very careful. I regularly gargle with salt water, drink 1-2 glasses of orange juice a day to increase resistance.”

Similar to Mai Le, fearing infection, many people are self-isolating at home, working from home, not seeing anyone and staying healthy. Some people even live this whole year.

But like F0, you don't get the message 1

Having a 3-year-old son and pregnant with her second child, Mai Le chose to stay at home to avoid the epidemic, not going out for nearly a month now. Photo: NVCC.

Always be on guard

When there was a job at the office that needed to be handled directly, Mai Le went out. She drove her own car, closed the door and did not communicate with anyone.

Every time she comes home from work, Mai Le’s husband lives in a separate room because the office has many F0s. He sprayed disinfectant thoroughly to reduce the risk of infection for the whole family.

“I stay at home a lot, but I don’t have time to be bored. Every day taking care of work, the children also end the day. Besides, I also plant some flowers and vegetables on the balcony to relax. Many of my friends are also very careful to prevent the epidemic and limit going out. Because of the nature of their work, they want to but can’t stay at home to escape the epidemic like me,” said the female lecturer.

When the epidemic ended, Mai Le was confident enough to go out on the street as much as before. However, if her children go to school and she has to go back to work herself, she still has to go out even if she doesn’t want to.

But like F0, you can't get the brother 2

Thu An took advantage of buying vitamins and supplements for herself when she went to buy medicine for her family. Photo: NVCC.

Staying at home to escape the epidemic even though she hasn’t been infected is also Thu An’s choice (28 years old, Cau Giay district, Hanoi). For nearly 4 months now, she only goes out when necessary.

“From the blockade of Hanoi in July last year to the end of New Year, I mainly worked from home. The number of times to the agency is only counted on the fingers. After the vacation, I went to work one day, then my colleague became F0, so I stayed at home,” An said.

Living with 3 friends in a 2 bedroom apartment, An and everyone take turns going to the market about twice a week. In addition, she turned down all of her friends’ outings.

“When I am stuck at home for too long, I often go to the park near my house for a walk for about 30 minutes. I avoid rush hour to limit contact with others, always wear a mask and carry sanitizer,” she said.

Many friends in turn announced that F0 even had 3 vaccinations, even had to go to the emergency room or had many sequelae, An even more wanted to “hide” to ensure safety.

A week ago, An’s family in the countryside, including parents, sister and two grandchildren, were all infected with Covid-19. When she goes to buy medicine to send home, she also buys more vitamins and supplements to protect herself.

With An, when the epidemic is still complicated, it is better to try to avoid it as much as possible than to get infected.

Quit work to escape the epidemic

Having many underlying diseases such as heart failure, myocardial ischemia, vestibular disorders – cerebral circulation and weak lungs, HB (from An Giang) has applied for leave from work to stay at home to avoid the epidemic from April 2021. At that time, he had not received the Covid-19 vaccine.

For nearly a year now, the guy feels luckier than many people when he hasn’t become F0.

Now that he has had 3 vaccinations, but his health is not good, even the cough for a whole year has not stopped, B. is still not confident in adapting to life as before.

“I always adhere to 5K, but now many F0s hide their illnesses, walk around without even wearing a mask, so they are very scared. Knowing is to be careful on that day or that day is also unavoidable. Therefore, I texted and asked many people who had suffered from the disease to prepare mentally,” he said.

But like F0, you can't get the brother 3

Many people choose to stay at home for fear of becoming F0. Illustration: Thach Thao.

Psychologist Nguyen Ha Thanh said that many people are not confident to go out and refuse to take off masks as an inevitable response to self-defense. When faced with something harmful to human life, they seek to protect themselves.

“One day the news is better, people will probably be comfortable going out again. But it is also inevitable that many people from now on will wear a mask for life, even when the epidemic is over,” she said.

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