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Three potential dangers of Covid-19 worth paying attention to

Countries are gradually considering Covid-19 as an endemic disease.  Photo: Reuters
Countries are gradually considering Covid-19 as an endemic disease. (Source: Reuters)

New Variations

There is still room for new and more serious variants to attack humans. One of the main reasons for this is the low rate of Covid-19 vaccination in many developing countries. The more the virus replicates in unvaccinated communities, the greater the chance of mutations occurring.

Vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer and Moderna manufacture vaccines in their own facilities or license the rights to manufacture vaccines in other countries.

This leaves most developing countries in financial difficulty. These countries must rely on the COVAX initiative to receive the necessary vaccines. Accordingly, developed countries and sponsoring organizations buy vaccines and distribute them to developing countries.

Scientists at Texas Children’s Hospital Vaccine Development Center (USA) have revealed a protein-based vaccine called Corbevax. This is a vaccine that uses established technology and is easy to manufacture, and is patent free. Now Corbevax has been granted emergency use rights in India.

The above vaccine is more than 80% effective against symptomatic disease in people infected with Delta. New trials are underway to determine the vaccine’s effectiveness against Omicron.

If approved, Corbevax will help raise immunization rates in many developing countries.

Impaired immunity

Many elderly and high-risk people who received the third dose of the vaccine in November or December 2021, their immunity is now rapidly declining.

Health authorities in some countries said that it is necessary to provide the 4th dose of vaccine as soon as possible to this group of people.


With more than 1 million infections globally every day, next year, the world will suffer a “tsunami” of people experiencing long-term health problems after Covid-19.

Therefore, we cannot ignore the high number of cases and it would be wise to retain at least some public health measures (for example, the regulation of masks) to reduce the number of cases.

Many believe that Covid-19 has turned from a pandemic status to an endemic disease. We all want the epidemic to end and life to return to normal. However, we are not done yet.

But with better vaccines and improved treatments, at least that’s the beginning of the end.

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