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Europe seeks to support farmers and increase production

Europe seeks to support farmers and increase production
Soybeans after being harvested from a farm near Scribner, Nebraska, USA. Photo: AFP/VNA

French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie said the EU was not at risk of food shortages, but was concerned about the consequences that the conflict in Ukraine could have in Africa or Asia, so the EU must ensure safety. food security. Some Member States also believe that the green goals of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) must give way to food security.

Russia and Ukraine are among the world’s top grain exporters, accounting for 30% of wheat exports. As a result, since the outbreak of the conflict, world prices of wheat, soybeans, rapeseed and corn have skyrocketed, as have fertilizer and fuel prices.

Therefore, the EU is looking for ways to increase agricultural production and support farmers affected by the sharp decline in the supply of animal feed. The European Commission (EC) will make proposals for support on March 23.

Austrian Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger said the EC’s proposal would allow the redevelopment of 4 million hectares of arable land on EU territory. The EC will take measures to prevent market disruptions and support private stockpiling of pig feed, allowing the use of fallow land for grazing or the development of protein crops. The EC is also ready to increase the rate of advance in direct payments to farmers and will continue to discuss with member states the possibility of establishing a new temporary crisis structure.

Member countries such as France, Austria, and Central and Eastern European countries believe that CAP’s greening strategy should give way to production requirements. Some Member States believe that national strategic plans, in which each country sets out the priorities of the new CAP in its own way, should fundamentally emphasize food security.

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