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How do ‘depending’ girls often catch giants and why are rich men so easily ‘sticky’?

A recent study in the US showed that on average, about 1.4 million people here have a net income of $380,000 a year, or a net worth of over $1 million. The point is that these upper 1% don’t have a lot of financial worries, and naturally, they’ll want to discover all the fun in romantic relationships.

However, beautiful women often target these habits of the rich and create unnecessary scandals. Before going to the “cards” commonly used by girls, let’s take a look at some habits of rich men that make girls “rely” to trap them.

What do rich men think?

Keep the dream

Most of the successful men in the world are self-made or self-built. The common rule of these people is to study hard in class or in society, take risks but calculate, work hard for their dreams and finally take advantage of opportunities.

Of course, not all successful people follow this rule, but most successful men have experienced poverty. Sometimes, they themselves have to be surprised at what they can do during their ascent from childhood.

How do 'depending' girls often catch giants and why are rich men so easily 'sticky'?  - Photo 1.

As a result, these successful people always realize that nothing lasts forever without paying the price. In other words, success cannot be sustained without continued effort. In fact, most self-made successful men are afraid to wake up and see all their hard work gone. Therefore, these people often work very hard to maintain their dreams.

This is one of the habits that makes it easy for girls to grasp and “play cards” in the lower part.

Nothing is free

Successful men, especially self-made ones, often have a very allergic view of the free. They don’t believe in self-made success, and so gifts or help from others are often scrutinized by these achievers. Moreover, these successful people already have their own opinions, so it is difficult to change their opinion.

As a result, these successful men often want their women to be independent, especially financially. Gifts or assistance from these men often come at a price, because, according to them, it is obvious.

Women with opinions are attractive women

Usually, nothing attracts a successful man more than a strong woman with a successful career. Men, especially successful people, often want to find the opposite sex of the same level, think and often desire to conquer these objects more than other normal people of the opposite sex.

Of course, successful women are not necessarily rich, the main thing is that they have talent or achieve certain achievements in the field they pursue such as art, finance, health …

Rarely emotionally stable

How do 'depending' girls often catch giants and why are rich men so easily 'sticky'?  - Photo 2.

It is quite true that rich men often have more choices than ordinary men because women tend to accept objects with more financial potential. In many cities like New York or San Francisco, it is common for women in their 20s to date 60-70 year olds without causing any curiosity.

Another factor that makes it difficult for successful men to settle down is that they feel confident when they have less to worry about financially, thereby creating attraction to women. While these men may not be handsome, talkative, or have many flaws, the fact that many women flirt with them makes it difficult for these men to maintain a relationship forever.

“Don’t waste my time”

Time is money and this view is shared by almost all successful men. Successful men don’t have much patience with sex games or lengthy, time-consuming relationships. They often want to know if the subject likes them or not to continue or stop immediately. These successful people often don’t want to spend too much time on women who don’t know what they want.

Let’s use the money we earn

For successful men, there comes a time when they realize that making too much money is meaningless if there is no one to spend it with. Even successful men are willing to become someone’s “adoptive brother”, “adoptive father”… to be able to enjoy the pleasures of spending, taking care of another person, so as not to be bullied by her. single.

Fear of poverty

Rich men often pay special attention to the value of their assets because they understand that it is because of it that they can have more choices in life, including romantic relationships. So most of the rich in America put 20% of their wealth into non-risky investments that guarantee a comfortable life if they lose everything.

Hate being an ATM

This trait seems to be contrary to liking to be adopted brother, adoptive father, but it is consistent with the nature of fear of poverty. It is true that the rich when they have too much money will want to enjoy themselves with beautiful people, but they hate being considered an automatic teller machine, hate being taken advantage of, being considered a fool and worse, being deceived and then lost. hand.

Successful men understand that they are more attractive than others because of their better financial ability. They are also often smarter than mistresses to keep their fortunes.

Women’s tricks

Identify prey

Like I said, successful men like women with opinions. So the “dependant” sisters will often determine what they want and target their prey clearly, without hesitation, hesitation or shame. The same is true for women who want to find a rich single man. The more women focus on what they want, the more attractive they are to men.

Don’t need many friends

Little girls usually don’t have many friends, because they don’t need many relationships. All they need is a few friends they can hang out with when they’re not with their “relevant” brother.

Usually, a successful man is afraid that the woman will get bored with him if they become too close. Therefore, having the younger brother “rely” with a few friends to date will make the man feel comfortable, not too stressed when he always has to think about what to do to make his girlfriend happy.

These triads often establish their own lives and relationships, then invite the “dependant” brother to participate in the experience and discovery. This will make the man feel more comfortable. However, many successful businessmen use drugs or participate in riots with their lovers, creating scandals in the media.

How do 'depending' girls often catch giants and why are rich men so easily 'sticky'?  - Photo 3.

Professional in areas that men are not good at

Areas like singing, dancing, writing or playing music are often areas that successful men are often not good at. So it is obvious that women who are professional, or even do well enough in these areas, often attract more affection from wealthy men. It is no coincidence that many of the “rely” girls are often people in the world of artists and singers.

Take care of yourself

Rich men often have a lot of choices so they tend to be noticed by confident, beautiful and attractive women. However, many women often confuse beauty with healthy balance.

Beauty surgery services are only temporary, so girlfriends will still go to the gym and eat healthy. They do not forget that men are very afraid of women when they take off their makeup and become a completely different person.

Not too fancy

Successful men often love to be accompanied by beautiful people. However, they are not comfortable if their woman spends 2 hours just putting on makeup or taking selfies all the time, looking in the mirror all the time.

Therefore, the high-handed triads are usually in moderation. Sometimes they are confident in being who they are, dress comfortably and give the man a realistic feel instead of always hiding behind the makeup.

Interested in men’s business

As mentioned above, the rich often work hard to maintain their dreams. The consequence that comes with it is that a successful man always wants his woman to care about where the family’s financial resources go.

How do 'depending' girls often catch giants and why are rich men so easily 'sticky'?  - Photo 4.

Usually, men don’t want to talk about work in front of women because they worry about them being bored, but if women show interest and interest in what they do, the attraction to men will be stronger than others.

As a result, many mistresses, although not as beautiful as their wives, are very good at managing finances, caring and contributing to rich men’s businesses. However, there are many cases of giants having sex with their partners, partners or subordinates.

Know how to manage money

High-handed girlfriends often know how to manage money because this is a fatal attraction to rich men. Successful men often like such women because they will be less concerned with the financial status of their lovers. In addition, giving gifts or even marrying someone who knows how to manage money is more believable than someone who just spends it lavishly.

This move of the girlfriends is in line with the aforementioned characteristics of hating being an ATM machine.

Learn to listen more

Listening is often more difficult than speaking. Often, an effective conversation is a 50/50 balance between two parties where both men and women share each other’s stories. However, if women talk too much, men will start to get bored unless the woman is really beautiful.

Therefore, the mistresses usually have quite good listening skills, at least for those who are highly skilled in love affairs with giants. The way they usually use it is to ask the same questions men ask them and start developing the story from there.

How do 'depending' girls often catch giants and why are rich men so easily 'sticky'?  - Photo 6.

Usually go to high-class places

It sounds weird, but people tend to get along with people in their community. For example, chefs often date waiters, doctors date nurses… Thus, if women want to date a successful man, they will often go to places where the wings are not. Successful men often go to, for example, the golf course.

Live to “take refuge”

Girls who just want to live “depending” on men are rarely sad because they missed their prey. Society has no shortage of rich people and so they are always confident in beauty, have opinions, and expand social relations to trap the next giants.

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