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Vietlott 23/3, Vietlott Mega lottery results today 23/3/2022. Mega lottery

Vietlott 23/3. TGVN newspaper will update the fastest Vietlott Mega 645 lottery results today, Wednesday, March 23, 2022, easily review the results of many previous days quickly and accurately. Vietlott Mega 645 draws prizes at 6:10 p.m. on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Live results of Vietlott Mega lottery 23/3 – XS Vietlott Mega today – Vietlott lottery 23/3 – Mega Lottery


Besides the basic Mega 6/45 rules, we also need to know how to see how to win. For Mega 6/45, players only need to match 3 pairs of 2 numbers in no order for the result to win the prize. However, this is only a low prize in the prize system of Mega 6/45, also known as Vietlott 6/45. The more pairs of numbers you match, the higher the prize will be.

Matching 3 pairs of numbers to participate in the prize, you will win the third prize corresponding to a prize of 30,000 VND. Matching 4 pairs of numbers you will win the second prize with a prize of 300,000 VND. More fortunately, if you match 5 pairs of numbers corresponding to the first prize, the bonus amount you will receive will be 10,000,000 VND. According to the rules of Mega 6/45, the highest prize will be for tickets that win 6 pairs of numbers corresponding to the results.

This special prize has a minimum bonus value of 12 billion. Not only that, through each bonus draw, the accumulated amount increases. The amount of the bonus received will include the accumulator and the minimum bonus. A desirable number for every customer. That is why many customers find Mega 6/45 rules easier than other lotteries. Especially when MEGA 6/45 increases the way to play Bao to make it easier for customers to win prizes.

LIVE DIAL VIETLOTT MEGA 6/45: Where to watch?

Where is the Vietlott dialing schedule to watch live? Here are a few suggestions for you:

You can watch it live at the studio: Vietnam Lottery One Member Limited Liability Company (Vietlott) will publicly dial the lottery, you can come and see it directly. However, few people apply this method because it is both time consuming and afraid to move.

Watch live on TV, radio: On the exact dialing schedule of Vietlott that you read above, the media will broadcast it live for you to search for the number. However, in modern times, not many people have enough time to sit and watch the entire program.

Buy tickets: This method is also applied by many players, no need to spend time watching live, just go to the dealer to buy a ticket and you can know if you have won or not.

View results at websites that support online lottery tickets: Accessing websites/Software that support free lottery lookup will save you time, effort and cost. The results are always updated very quickly as soon as the station has the results along with extremely accurate information.

We invite you to read the lottery results Vietlott Mega 6/45, Vietlott Power 6/55 and Vietlott Max 3D updated on the International Newspaper every day.

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