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200+ meaningful and very easy to read English names for girls

method to name English for girls

English names for girls will help your baby to quickly integrate and make friends with strangers easily. For families whose children are oriented to study abroad or attend international schools, then girl name in English would have a very practical meaning:

+ Naming with the same meaning as Vietnamese: For example, if a child has a Vietnamese name, Thach Thao, parents can name it in English as Moss or Mossy.

+ Named after famous people: If you like foreign actors or singers, you can choose to name your baby.

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+ Create an English name with the same pronunciation as a Vietnamese name: To make the name easy to remember, you must give it a name that is easy to pronounce. For example, Anna, Lisa,…

+ Arrange according to the meaning the parents want to convey: Each name has a different message meaning. Choose for your baby a very cool and meaningful name to accompany your baby for life.

1. A nice English name for a girl with a beautiful meaning

2. English names for girls based on flowers

Its colorful and fragrant flowers are definitely a good suggestion for you to choose as a name for your daughter’s “wine”.

3. English names for girls related to the meaning of luck, wealth

For many parents who always want their daughters to be lucky and rich, please refer to the names below:

Gemma: A precious gem.

Ruby: Ruby has an attractive red color.

– Odette (or Odile): Wealth.

– Margaret: Pearl.

Felicity: Luck.

– Beatrix: Happy, blessed.

– Jade: Jade.

– Olwen: Brings good luck and prosperity.

– Pearls: Pure pearls.

– Amanda: Sweetheart.

– Hypatia: The most noble.

– Elysia: Blessed.

– Mirabel: Great.

– Gwyneth: Lucky, happy.

4. Great English names for girls with the meaning of success

Success in life, work, marriage or any other field is a desire that parents of their daughters always want to achieve. With these beautiful meanings, you can refer to some suggestions for English names below:

5. An English girl name meaning “Romantic”

If you are a romantic at heart, then you definitely want your child to have a name that describes love. Here are some good options:

6. Good English Female Names Based On “Myths”

Using an English name based on Mythology is quite beautiful and carries a very special meaning.

7. Great English names for girls with celebrity names

Celebrity names are a favorite and stylish naming theme for many parents to give to their daughters.

– Aradhya: Cares

– Charlotte: Free people

– Elise: God’s Oath

– Frankie: Freedom

– Josie: God will bless

– Ophelia: Please

– Paris: Beautiful, charming

– Norah: Bright light

– Kate: Pure

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8. Unusual English names for girls

If you like individuality and uniqueness, choosing unique or baby girl names will be the right choice for you.

9. English or female name according to color, gem

Use gem colors or colors to name your baby in English.

– Ruby – red, ruby ​​pearl

– Scarlet – bright red

– Diamonds – diamonds (original meaning “champion”, “cannot be tamed”)

– Pearl – pearl

– Melanie – black

– Margaret – pearl

– Jade – jade

– Kiera – black haired girl

– Gemma – gems

– Sienna – red

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10. Some great English names for girls with strong and tough meanings

You can choose some English names for girls that mean willpower as follows:

11. Meaningful English names for women related to nature

You can take close-up nature pictures as inspiration for baby girl name in English according to some of the suggestions below:

12. British girl names based on physical appearance

Parents can base on their daughter’s appearance to choose the most appropriate and meaningful name.

Above is a collection of the best and most meaningful English names for girls. Hopefully through this article, you will choose the most suitable name for your baby.

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