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NATO agrees to consolidate forces on the eastern flank

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Military vehicles of the German Armed Forces take part in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) mission in Rukla, Lithuania. Documentary photo: AFP/VNA

NATO’s joint statement said the military bloc would “defend the security of all allies”. NATO leaders also agreed to create four more combat groups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

US President Joe Biden, on a tour of Europe, issued a statement confirming the above information. The US leader’s statement also said that NATO leaders will develop plans to strengthen their forces before the summit of the group is scheduled to take place in June.

On the same day, NATO extended the term of Secretary General of this military alliance, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, by one year until September 30, 2023. In a statement on Twitter, Stoltenberg said NATO is united to keep the alliance strong and keep people safe amid “the greatest security crisis of this generation”.

Stoltenberg’s term at NATO is expected to end on October 1, before he takes over as governor of the central bank in his home country of Norway at the end of 2022.

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