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Terrified murder, rape in the desert in Gia Lai: Coffee night “fate”

On the morning of March 29, the Gia Lai Provincial Police Investigation Agency coordinated with the People’s Procuracy of the province and Chu Puh District Police to organize an experimental investigation of a particularly serious case that occurred in Ia Sam village, Ia Rong commune, Chu district. Puh.

The victim is Trinh Thi Hong (born in 1976, residing in Ia Sam village, Ia Rong commune, Chu Puh district).

The perpetrator, after killing and raping the victim, dumped the body into a deep well in the desert.

Coffee night “fate”

Around 8 pm on March 14, Ms. Hong drove a motorbike to leave the house to go to the family’s field to water coffee. On the morning of March 15, her relatives did not see her return, so they went to the fields to look.

At the coffee garden, the water pump is still working but there are no people, and Ms. Hong’s phone cannot be contacted. Suspecting something bad had happened, the family actively sought.

At 4 p.m. on the same day, Trinh Van Hung (SN 1988, Hong’s younger brother) discovered two pairs of women’s pants on the coffee tree near the watering faucet. Continuing to look around, Mr. Hung saw that the lid of the well near the farm house was open. He came to look down. He was shocked to find Hong’s body and the motorbike stuck inside, so he panicked and called the police.

Arresting murder and rape in the desert -0
Interpretation of Rah Lan Giang (black shirt) experiment at the crime scene.

Immediately upon receiving the news from the Ia Rong Commune Police, the Chu Puh District Police coordinated with the Criminal Police Department and the Criminal Technical Department of the Provincial Police to conduct an examination of the scene, perform an autopsy, and take statements. declare the people involved.

The results of the autopsy showed that the head of the victim was hit many times with a hard object, causing severe injuries leading to death. The victim’s upper body was wearing a shirt, the lower body was not wearing pants, and the private area was sexually assaulted.

According to initial information from local people, Ms. Hong has a peaceful lifestyle with the village, without any personal grudges or conflicts. The case happened at night, the area was deserted with a large area, making it difficult for the police to investigate and find the culprit.

Recognizing that this is a particularly serious case, Colonel Duong Van Long – Deputy Director of the Provincial Public Security Department directly went to the scene to direct the professional divisions of the Provincial Public Security and the Police of Chu Puh District to strengthen the investigation force. , search.

Major Phan Huy Giang – Officer of the Criminal Police Department of the Provincial Police shared: “Chu Puh district has a large area, bordering Dak Lak province, so local people often move back and forth to work freely. . In order to zoning the area, the leader of the unit sent 2 working groups of 10 comrades to the scene, actively coordinated with the district and commune police to implement professional measures. Notably, when examining the scene, we discovered that the victim was wearing a gold chain and in his pocket with an amount of over 7 million dong, so we can exclude the possibility that the subject killed for the purpose of robbing property. Because it is a seasonal day, people are often away from home, the exchange and verification of information is also somewhat limited. Despite facing many difficulties, before the pain of the victim’s family and to reassure the public, we are determined to investigate and arrest the perpetrator before the law.”

Revealing the killer

After 2 weeks of active investigation, the police force identified the perpetrator. Through professional work and information from the public, the Investigation Agency determined that on the evening of March 14, in La Sam village, Ia Rong commune, Chu Puh district, there were two groups of young people from ethnic minorities. held a party in the village, about 100m from the victim’s coffee field.

The testimonies of the people involved are quite similar, but the expression of the subject Rah Lan Giang (SN 2001, living in the same village) is questionable. In the initial contact, Giang was taciturn, quiet, evading the investigator’s questions and eyes. After many hours of intense mental battles, before sharp arguments and irrefutable evidence, on the afternoon of March 28, Rah Lan Giang bowed his head to confess.

Giang said, after drinking with many people in the village, the subject returned home to quarrel with his family, then left the hut to sleep. At 9 p.m. on March 14, when she went through the coffee garden, she saw that Ms. Hong was lighting a watering lamp and had an intention to rape.

In order to avoid being discovered by Ms. Hong, Giang picked up a log in the garden, sneaked behind her, hit the victim several times in the head, then strangled and raped her. Afraid of being discovered by others, the subject dragged the victim’s body and the motorbike and threw it into the well to clear away any traces.

As a witness invited by the authorities to participate in the experimental investigation process, Mr. Ho Sy Quang – Village head of Ia Sam village, Ia Rong commune, Chu Puh district said: “The murder caused people in the village to panic. do not dare to go to the fields, some people even suspect each other, causing disunity. When they heard that the killer was arrested, they were very happy. I hope the authorities will severely punish this person. Just because of drinking alcohol, he did not control his behavior, ruthlessly took the lives of others, and then committed barbaric, despicable and dehumanizing acts.”

As soon as the news that the case was investigated and clarified, on the morning of March 29, Colonel Duong Van Long – Deputy Director of the Provincial Police went to the area to congratulate the working group and give gifts to encourage officials and soldiers to participate in the investigation. solve the case.

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