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The case of a scuffle with people at the May Ho hydropower project: Sa Pa police prosecuted 24 people

03/29/2022 13:09 GMT+7

After half a month of fighting with people at the construction of May Ho hydropower project, 24 subjects from many different localities were prosecuted by authorities in Lao Cai and applied preventive measures.

On March 29, the Lao Cai Provincial Police said that the Sa Pa town’s police investigation agency had issued a decision to prosecute 24 defendants, and applied preventive measures to the group of suspects to investigate the crime. intentionally causing injury.

Initial investigation determined that, in order to continue implementing the project of the head dam of May Ho hydropower, An Phu Construction One Member Company Limited (located in Sa Pa town, is the construction unit) hired Hoang Quang Chuong. (SN 1979, living in group 12, Coc Le ward, Lao Cai city) came to protect the construction site with the price of 200 million VND.

Chapter then recruited about 60 subjects from many different localities, on March 14, Chuong’s group rented 2 16-seat cars to move to the May Ho area, with a sack full of iron tubes used for making iron. Weapons prevent people from entering the construction area.

However, in the process of stopping, Chuong’s group used to fight with the people, injuring 26 people and damaging 1 car.

According to police, Chuong has two previous convictions for “intentionally causing injury” and “robbing property”. Along with Chuong’s group, there were 8 other subjects with criminal records.

In addition to prosecuting the 24 defendants mentioned above, the investigation agency continued to clarify the number of people who threw stones, causing injury and damaging the property of the target group; clarify the role of An Phu One Member Limited Liability Company.

Prosecution of 24 subjects carrying weapons to fight with people at the 1 . hydro-cinema project

Hoang Quang Chuong’s group at the police headquarters.

According to Sa Pa town government, the cause of the scuffle was because 3 households (including households: Mr. Chao Dan Quat, Mr. Ly Quach Van and Mr. Ly Quach Vang) raised 3 salmon farms downstream of the dam. located in the area that needs site clearance of the project, but because of fear that the construction hydropower project will deplete the water source and affect the fish farming, the households have repeatedly blocked the construction.

The investor side, May Ho Energy Co., Ltd. had previously met and had a dialogue to capture the people’s thoughts and aspirations, but the people asked for too large a support request, so the two sides did not agree.

Until March 14, this company still let the construction unit carry out the leveling. When they saw the construction unit, the households came out to prevent it, leading to a scuffle.

Specifically, at 11 a.m. on the same day, when the construction unit of the hydropower site was constructing the main dam foundation pit in Lu Khau village, 20 people in Ngu Chi Son commune stopped and assaulted the construction group. At 2pm, the two sides continued to fight, causing many injuries.

On March 15, Sa Pa town People’s Committee worked directly with the leadership of May Ho Energy Company Limited, representatives of Lu Khau and Can Ho B villages, and households related to the incident. The parties came to an agreement: “The construction enterprise of May Ho hydropower plant will support and compensate households and people in two villages with the amount of 520 million VND”.

Sa Pa town government asked the investor to suspend the construction of the hydroelectric dam until the compensation for the people is settled and a compensation plan is available for the affected fish farming households.

The people also pledged not to continue to cause trouble and affect the construction process of the project after having a support and compensation plan as agreed.

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