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European countries simultaneously expelled Russian diplomats

Russian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands. (Photo: The Moscow Times)

Countries in the European Union (EU) such as the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland on March 29 issued notices expulsion dozens Russian diplomat for suspected espionage, as well as demonstrating coordination in imposing sanctions on Moscow amid ongoing tensions in Ukraine.

Some European countries are accusing Russian diplomats of espionage activity in these countries and order the individuals to leave the territory. This is a move made to punish Russia after it attacked Ukraine in recent days.

Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes announced that Belgium is expelling 21 Russian diplomats suspected of spying or illegally influencing.

European countries simultaneously expelled Russian diplomats - Photo 1.

Several European countries have expelled Russian diplomats. (Photo: The Globe Post)

In a similar move, the Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister announced on March 29 that the Netherlands had decided to expel 17 Russian diplomats on the basis of receiving intelligence from this country. as well as partner countries.

The Czech Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of a senior Russian diplomat. The unnamed official will be forced to leave the Czech Republic within 72 hours.

Ireland is also taking a similar step along with European countries. In a statement on the afternoon of March 29, Foreign Minister Coveney summoned the Russian Ambassador to ask four senior Russian officials to leave the country.

Last week, Poland, an EU country neighboring Ukraine, expelled 45 Russian diplomats over alleged espionage. Immediately, Moscow accused Warsaw of making the situation more and more tense.

Before that, other countries such as Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania expelled many Russian diplomats since March 18 from the territory. Almost all Eastern European countries have expressed concerns about security and espionage.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry decided to expel 10 diplomats from 3 Baltic countries including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in response to the previous similar move of these countries. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that earlier, Moscow had summoned the heads of the diplomatic missions of these countries to protest against the expulsion of the Russian embassy staff by the governments of the three countries. is provocative and baseless.

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