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How to prepare mentally when adopting a child?

I am 31 years old, earn 50-60 million dong per month, invest more and accumulate from many sources so far have nearly 20 billion dong.

I am single, at home taking care of my mother. The brothers have built their own house and live nearby, they are also not married. My current life is in order of availability, pretty simple. I like housework, cooking, baking, cooking nut milk… usually spend more time on weekends to prepare and prepare this. Sometimes I also travel, charity with friends. I still have a few hobbies such as reading, growing bonsai, taking extra classes in the evening.

Before, I had the opportunity to get to know some people of the opposite sex. I used to know happy, romantic feelings, then the deeper I went, the more different they were, and finally broke up. Now I don’t need to find romantic love, don’t put too much emphasis on marriage. My parents advised me not to get married and still have children to keep me company in my old age.

>> I want to adopt a child but my husband does not agree

Before, I often do charity work, in which I often come to teach and give meals to children in a loving home. After meeting many times, I miss and love the children there. I’m thinking about adopting one or two babies in the future. I asked my mother, she said it’s fine, it’s good to consider doing good.

Hope you give me more knowledge and experience in taking care of young children. If my child asks me later, should I tell the truth about my situation? How do I prepare mentally for my child? Hope you consulting help.


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