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Unintended third pregnancy

I have two boys aged four and nine months. Everything will be fine if this morning I test the stick does not go up two lines.

I am 31 years old, my husband is one year younger. I am very confused because it has not been long since I have returned to work, moreover, a few days ago I just took emergency contraception, received a vaccine and was infected with Covid for two weeks. Before the vaccination, I was close to my husband and did not use birth control, a week later I took the test with only one line, so the next week I got the vaccine and got Covid again. If I tell my husband, he will call for an abortion because I joked like that before.

>> Confused about having a third child

My wife and I are workers, with an income of about 20 million VND per month. Money for milk, money for children, meals, accommodation … also consume most of the salary, there is not a dime left over, not to mention the monthly income is less. Having the third child, we can’t take good care of the children, the children will suffer. Not to mention if I have Covid and take medicine, will the baby be affected? If my grandparents knew about it, the possibility of calling me to abort the pregnancy was very high. Giving birth without someone to support me, if I quit my job to take care of the baby, it won’t be enough to live on. What to do, I am very confused, please advise and do not criticize me.


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