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MSI 2022 Finale: T1 (T1) vs. Royal Never Give Up (RNG)

LCK Rep T1 and LPL Rep Royal Never Give Up clash in a 5-match streak at the MSI 2022 Finals! Subscribe to the LoLespor channel for updates on League of Legends battles! eliminates G2 Esports. ! Below are the team rosters. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) Top Lane: Thousand Jungler: Wei Mid Lane: Xiaohu Gunner: GALA Support: Ming T1 (T1) Top Lane: Zeus Jungler: Oner Mid Lane: Faker Gunner: Gumayusi Support: Keria #MSI2022 #NotAl # Find TakeNote’s games, highlights and live streams from MSI 2022 in the playlists below. Games 👉 Highlights 👉 Live Streams 👉 For games, results and all other news: https://tr.lolesports .com/en For more information on MSI, follow LoL Esports social media accounts! Join the excitement of League of Legends ( LoL )! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


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