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Investigate the case where the wife was beaten by her husband with a stone, causing brain injury

The police agency is investigating and clarifying the case where the wife was beaten with a stone by her husband, causing brain injury in Phu My town, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

Phu My town police today (March 31) said that they are investigating the case that Dang Thi Ngoc Hien (32 years old, living in Phu My town) was hit in the head with a stone by her husband, causing traumatic brain injury. right hemisphere brain occurs in Phuoc Hung neighborhood, My Xuan ward.

The case was transferred by the police of My Xuan ward to the Phu My town police to investigate according to its competence.

Investigate the case where the wife was beaten by her husband with a stone, causing brain injury
Ms. Hien was at the time of being treated at the Neurosurgery Department, Ba Ria Hospital. Provide family photos.

Hien’s mother, Ms. Le Thi Len (70 years old, living in My Xuan ward, Phu My town) reflected, at about 5 pm on February 6, at the family of Mr. Tran Ngoc Do (group 12, Phuoc Hung neighborhood). , My Xuan ward) her children held a dinner party, then sat down to sing karaoke.

About 30 minutes later, the NQV (43 years old, from Dong Nai – Ms. Hien’s ex-husband) ran into the house from outside to assault, pick up and beat Ms. Hien.

Seeing that his sister was beaten, Mr. Dang Ngoc Hoang (28 years old) while peeling fruit stood up to chase V. Seeing Mr. Hoang holding a knife, V. ran into the house next door and closed the fence.

When he saw Hoang drop the tip of the knife from the handle, V. opened the door and ran out to take the knife and stab it at Mr. Hoang.

After seeing her brother being stabbed, Hien ran over and asked V. “Why did you hit my brother?” V. strangled her and hit her in the face.

Next, V. picked up a granite stone next to it and hit Hien on the head, causing the victim to fall to the ground and lay unconscious.

V. abandons the victim, then leaves the scene. Ms. Hien and Mr. Hoang were taken to Ba Ria hospital for emergency treatment.

Here, doctors diagnosed Ms. Hien with traumatic brain injury, right hemisphere contusion, diffuse cerebral edema, unconscious and actively treated at the Department of Neurosurgery, Ba Ria Hospital.

According to Ms. Len, after the incident happened, her family reported it, and the police of My Xuan ward came to make a record, recorded the scene, and took testimony.

After that, Ms. Len’s family made an application to invite a lawyer to participate in protecting her daughter’s legitimate rights and interests.

Ms. Len added that, after nearly 2 months since the day she was beaten by her ex-husband, her daughter is still lying unconscious at the hospital, with poor health prognosis.

On March 30, Ms. Len’s family asked to be discharged from the hospital, taking their daughter home to take care of her.
According to the sharing of Ms. Hien’s family, before that, Ms. Hien and V. were husband and wife and had 2 children together. Due to conflicts, the two divorced.

Regarding the above case, a leader of Phu My Town Police said that, during working with the investigating agency, V. admitted his behavior. The investigation agency is continuing to consolidate the file to handle according to regulations law.

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