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Searching for the person who spread the video about the 10th grade male student

HanoiThe police are looking for someone to spread the suicide note and video of a 16-year-old male student who died in an apartment building.

Professional units of the Hanoi Police cooperate with the Ha Dong District Police to verify. Authorities assessed “this is a heartbreaking incident that seriously affects the relatives of the victim” and causes bad consequences for society.

Before that, about 3:30 on April 1, a 10th grade male student died after falling from the balcony of an apartment building. Video of the incident then went viral on social media.

Doctor, lawyer Dang Van Cuong, said that the Constitution and laws of Vietnam always protect the personal freedom of each individual, including the right to freedom of image. The Civil Code 2015 also stipulates that the use of other people’s images must be permitted by them, except in some cases for the national and public interests… Therefore, those who collect and arbitrarily distribute information Information about the 10th grade male student mentioned above via social networks is against both law and morality.

Those who illegally collect and use information and images of other people will, depending on the nature of their acts, be administratively fined 10-20 million VND according to Article 102 of Decree 15/2020/ND-CP or prosecuted for liability. criminal penalties ranging from non-custodial up to 3 years or imprisonment from 3 months to 2 years.

In case the victim’s family members request to remove or blur this information, but individuals and organizations still do not comply, they may be fined up to 60 million VND. If the data provided by the victim’s family is for propaganda purposes to “increase deterrence” and in the public interest, for the safety of society, then the use of this video, image is legal, Dr. Cuong said.

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