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What not to eat during conception?

Nutrients during conception help increase the ability pregnant. Foods that need to be added during pregnancy must be considered, avoid foods that affect fertilization. So what not to eat during conception?

1. Seafood is rich in mercury

What not to eat during conception? Mercury-rich seafood such as swordfish, shark, tuna, etc. affects sperm and sperm. At the same time during pregnancy, high levels of mercury also affect the fetus. Therefore, these foods should be avoided during pregnancy.

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Seafood High in Mercury Can Affect Fertility (Artwork)

2. Beer, wine, alcoholic beverages

Beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages are not good for conception. According to research, men who use beer and alcohol only have about 12% sperm than men who don’t use alcohol. Athenol in alcohol also causes constriction of blood vessels and testicular atrophy, which affects sperm growth. Besides that, woman Drinking alcohol also disrupts the cycle, affecting the ability to ovulate.

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3. Soybeans and soy products

For men, during conception, it is recommended to limit the use of soy and soy products, these products can affect sperm, affect the function of the penis. However, women can fully use soy during conception.

4. Fast food

Fast food like sausages, fried chicken, french fries… all contain a lot of cholesterol, which affects the quality of eggs and sperm. In addition, eating a lot of fast food is also easy to cause obesity so that it affects the ability to get pregnant.

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5. Drinks that contain caffeine

Tea, coffee… all caffeinated drinks can reduce sperm quality. Therefore, drinks to be avoided during pregnancy need to minimize tea, coffee, carbonated drinks…

6. Processed food

Processed foods like bacon, patties, sausages… all contain additives and preservatives. All of these substances affect the fertility of both men and women. Therefore, it is advisable to limit processed foods as much as possible during conception.

7. Low-fat milk (skimmed milk)

During conception, you should abstain from drinking low-fat milk because the nutrients are lost during the skimming process. Low-fat dairy products all contain androgens, which can interfere with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

8. Foods high in sugar

If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, cut back on sugary foods like candy… they cause blood sugar spikes, cause inflammation, change hormones, and interfere with ovulation. Please add good sugar from brown rice, pasta, foods with fiber…

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9. Animal organs

What to avoid during conception? Animal organs such as heart, intestines, liver of beef, pork, goat… all contain heavy metals, cadmium. This substance increases the likelihood of chromosomal damage, affects the fertilization process.

10. Unpasteurized soft cheese

Listeria bacteria in unpasteurized soft cheese can affect a woman’s health, possibly causing miscarriage. Therefore, these foods should not be eaten while planning to become pregnant or during conception.

Above are foods that answer the question of what not to eat during conception. Limiting foods that can affect conception will help increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

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