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Hanoi prepares preschoolers to return to school

Hanoi prepares preschoolers to return to school - 1

Hanoi Kindergarten prepares all the conditions for welcoming children back to school

On April 5, Hanoi Ministry of Education and Training Director Tran The Cuong asked the Education and Training Departments of 30 counties and cities to be prepared with the right mentality, psychology, human resources, resources and facilities. , suitable for preschool students to go directly to school when eligible.

Tran The Cuong said that after elementary and grade 6 students went to school smoothly, the Hanoi Ministry of Education and Training would conduct consultations with the parents of preschool students to ensure consensus. At the same time, it is suggested that district, city and municipal preschool systems are also prepared to activate conditions and processes to prepare preschool children to return to school in the near future.

Kindergarten is the school level that is the most left behind when they have to stay at home continuously for the last two years. It greatly affects the physical and mental health of children; Not only that, parents also find it difficult to arrange and arrange a babysitter to go to work.

According to the Hanoi Ministry of Education and Training, the preschool has stopped operating for a long time, it is necessary to review all facilities and play areas to ensure the safety of children. In addition, the school also cleans, disinfects classrooms, tables and chairs, school supplies, and plans to pick up children to ensure safety and prevent epidemics for continuous hands-on teaching.

Based on parent consultation and the results of the review and readiness of school conditions, Hanoi will have a special schedule for preschool children to go to school as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Education and Training also said that the entire country has 62/63 provinces and cities that send preschoolers to school. The return-to-school rate nationwide on April 6 when Hanoi sent nearly 1 million students from grades 1 to 6 to school was 97%.

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