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Calculation of cam 4 – 3 = 1 is not wrong, but it is still controversial on social networks

April 7, 2022 15:39 GMT+7

A 1st grader’s subtraction problem created endless debates on social media.

Grade 1 math is really simple, but that’s when you haven’t encountered tricky problems like the following Orange math problem. Thoughts with clear images and topics like this, in just 1 note, parents can guide their children to do the correct calculation. But no, just a small detail about color has made the Math problem the center of a debate about who is wrong and who is right.

Math 4 - 3 = 1 clearly has nothing wrong but is still controversial all over MXH, sharp-eyed people have discovered a strange DETAILS: This type of puzzle is too much!  - Photo 1.

The question paper gives a picture of two orange discs, a plate of 4 fruits, a plate of 3 fruits with the same question: Observe the picture and state the appropriate subtraction. At first, many people put the calculation 4 – 3 = 1. This is also the answer that many people agree with.

However, the problem is that one side is a plate of ripe oranges (yellow) and the other side is a plate of green oranges. A stream of opinions commented on the topic for 2 different types of results, and did not include additional criteria for subtraction or reasonable answers. So if you give the answer as “7 – 4 = 3”, “7 – 3 = 4”, “4 – 3 = 1”, then the above topic is also easy to cause misunderstandings for 1st grade students. The article also said: “I think, if it’s subtraction, then the results of the two discs must be the same. But the question paper does not give the answer criteria, how do the students of grade 1 know how to find it?”.

One parent thought that the math problem could be explained as follows: “There are 7 oranges that are both green and ripe, put in a basket, in which there are 3 green. Then, people take out 2 discs to separate the green oranges. and ripe oranges. How many ripe oranges are there?”. Thus, here entering “7 – 3 = 4”, or “7 – 4 = 3” are acceptable.

Besides, there are also some netizens who think that it is the adults who “tear up the small story”. In fact, the color of the orange disc only plays the role of “beautifying” to attract attention, but its essence is still orange. So just do the subtraction of many oranges minus the few oranges.

In your opinion, which answer to this math problem is reasonable?

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