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Dang Luan’s company was fined

Dang Luan lost his source of income in showbiz after being caught in a tax evasion scandal. His business was also affected.

April 7th, Sina reported that Beijing Huosheng’s food service management company Dang Luan was warned by the Beijing (China) government, administratively fined 400 yuan (US$62.8) for violating regulations on environmental protection and preserving urban beauty.

According to the authorities, Dang Luan’s hot pot restaurant located on Dong Tri Street, Beijing has placed 4 illegal billboards in the wrong area, causing the general aesthetic to become messy.

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Dang Luan lost his reputation and career because of tax evasion scandal. Photo: Sina.

Sina said the above scandal made the business of Hoa Xa hot pot brand founded by Dang Luan even more gloomy.

After the amateur Scent of Honey Like Smoke and Mist caught in a tax evasion scandal, his business in the F&B field was seriously affected. Fans boycotted Dang Luan’s hotpot restaurant chain and milk tea shop, while shareholders also requested to withdraw their shares in turn.

According to Sohu, Dang Luan is trying to maintain the operation of hot pot restaurant and milk tea shop. This is the man’s “fishing rod” artist after being banned.

On March 16, the Shanghai Tax Department announced that Deng Luan evaded taxes and had to pay a fine of 16.6 million USD. Soon after, a total of 17 brands announced the termination of contracts with the 30-year-old actor. Industry sources entertain share with Sohuthe actor is estimated to have suffered more than 300 million yuan ($47.2 million).

At the end of March, a pharmaceutical brand filed a lawsuit against Dang Luan for causing economic damage because of personal problems. The plaintiff asked the male artist to return more than 2 million USD in salary, 750,000 USD in contract violation fees, and 83,000 USD in economic losses. In total, Dang Luan could lose up to $2.8 million.

Deng Luan was born in 1992, is a popular TV star in China. He is famous through movies like The Perfume of Honey Is Like Smoke and Dew, A Thousand and One Nights, The Story of Kieu Story, Because I Met You, Joyful Chanting 2, Onm-Yang Master: Tinh Nha Episode…

According to Sina, from 2018 after the success of the movie Scent of Honey Like Smoke and Mist, Dang Luan rose to become an A-list star, the actor participated in many high-cost movies and TV series. Before the tax evasion scandal, his career future is considered to be wide open.

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