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Guests come to beautify, but the owner of the spa salon is “nauseous” just looking at it.

Women are to be beautiful! According to that truth, many women not only invest in their body shape and clothes, but also spend a lot of money and effort to beautify their face, including eyebrows, eyelashes, lips… However , whatever you do, you still have to clean it carefully every day to be beautiful, durable, long-lasting, and eternally beautiful as desired!

Although we all love to look beautiful, people often forget the importance of daily care.

Guests came to beautify, but the spa owner was


Recently, an eyelash extension specialist has warned all women who love beauty that terrible things will happen if customers do not follow the advice.

Specifically, an eyelash extension specialist using a TikTok account named @ipsbeauty, which has more than 500,000 followers and 32 million likes, posted a video showing her handling something sticky yellow. on the eyelids of a female client. The expert said she felt “nausea” when she saw what was on her client’s eyelids. It’s not a foreign body, but a thick layer of dirt that covers both eyelids and eyelids.

Guests came to beautify, but the spa owner was

It’s a mixture of a bunch of things like makeup, slime, and dirt. They blend together and cling to the woman’s eyelids, causing the eyelids to become red and swollen, perhaps because too much bacteria has built up.

The video captioned: “What you see me wiping away is a build-up of makeup and dirt over a 4-week period. These lashes have not been cleaned even once in 4 weeks. The daily makeup that this customer wears has accumulated on the lashes along with dirt and sweat. This is very dangerous and can cause serious eye and skin infections. To prevent this, please clean your eyelashes daily.”

The TikTok account also shared that things can get worse if customers don’t follow the aftercare regimen.

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She affirmed that those who have applied false eyelashes must avoid getting their eyelashes wet within 48 hours after applying them, and at the same time do not rub or touch their eyes.

The video has attracted nearly 5 million views, many people have left comments expressing horror and wondering why someone is so dirty. One person wrote: “That’s horrible. She doesn’t even wash her face!”. Others lamented: “That’s gross. Sorry to be rude. But please CLEAN YOUR CASH!”

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