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‘Car is like a wife’

I have a feeling that a dear car is an indispensable thing in life, just like a family cannot be without a wife.

I have bought a car and used it for more than ten years. I find that the simile of a car as a ‘second wife’ is very figurative. Having a car is too convenient, it serves me and my family traveling near and far regardless of rain or shine. Regardless of the weather, any time. the car also helps you and your family move easily whether you are weak or strong, you are happy or sad.The car is like a diligent wife taking care of my family.

Every day I need a car, I need to move every day, just like every day I need my wife to take care of my parents’ children – it’s hard for my wife to go to work. I will find it very difficult or limited to lend because I am worried about the safety of the car and obviously, if I am considered a “second wife”, I cannot lend it.

He is very similar to his wife in that he is very loyal, gets in the car and goes, without arguing. In particular, if you want to have a smooth service by the car, you have to pay to feed (petrol, expenses …) and with your wife you also need to pay money to take care of your new and peaceful family life.

Finally, having a car is an indispensable thing like a family cannot be without a wife, and because she already has a wife, the car is only called a second wife.

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