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“Is this okay to eat?”

For families or friends living in the same room, the story of meals for those who come home late from work has become extremely familiar. And often when the rice is given to someone, we will have to arrange it very carefully like beating the rice up because if left whole, the rice will clump, not eating well, or the food is kept separate and neat. .. But sometimes, there are people who serve rice in a rather confusing way like this…

People competed to argue about the type of rice that was difficult to understand: “Is this okay to eat?”

Although someone had a very neat portion of rice, divided it in half and left half intact, but this is completely inappropriate. Because with rice, when it is still hot, we need to beat it up to eat delicious rice. On the contrary, if left as is, the rice will clump. That’s why, seeing this type of rice, netizens argue with each other.

Some people think it’s unacceptable, there are people who like it because it looks neat:

– If I eat like this at home, I will be scolded for being full, so I don’t need to eat rice.

– But I like it this way. Feeling like this part is very pleasing to the eye, neat and clean.

– Better than some people who still cut in the middle and left it around.

– The person who eats later, but when the rice is cold, cries. Do you have to dig up?

This case is really difficult to say because the problem still lies in each person’s point of view, like the same dish that someone praises and criticizes.

What about you? What do you think about this kind of rice portion?

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