The last 2 reasons show the deep intentions of the ancients

In the feudal society of China, the emperor was considered by the people as the son of the heavens, holding the whole world. Therefore, the emperor is also a person with a luxurious life, living in a most magnificent palace. Today, posterity can clearly visualize the life of the emperors when visiting the Forbidden City, also known as the Imperial Palace, Beijing, China.

The Palace is a large-scale palace with an area of ​​​​up to 720,000 m2. It is reported that the Palace has 9,999 rooms. However, many tourists who have visited this place and have had the opportunity to witness the emperor’s palace are amazed with the king’s bed. Because in the minds of many people, the bed of the head of the world cannot have such a strange size.

In fact, every bed in the Forbidden City has a length of about 2m, a width of only about 1m. For posterity today, this size is quite narrow but not only emperors, queens or concubines use the same type of bed. Because the regulation of the size of the bed in the bow is based on the following reasons:

Originating from the concept of the Chinese people

The ancients placed a great deal of importance on longevity, many emperors, to prolong their life, did not hesitate to go to the horizon to find the elixir of life, even blindly they believed in doctors who could prepare immortals. medicine and lost his life.

The emperor's bed is only 1m wide: the last 2 reasons show the deep intentions of the ancients - Photo 1.

The bed of the feudal emperor was quite narrow in size. (Photo: Baidu)

In addition to taking medicine, the ancients also used rituals and actions to convey their wish for a long life. For example, when meeting the emperor, the officials often shouted “Long live the emperor, long live ten thousand years old” which means wishing the emperor a long life. Obviously, the design of a narrow bed also has the same intention.

In Chinese, the pronunciation of the word “bed” (床) is almost the same as that of the word “long” (长), the word “sau” (瘦) with a narrow meaning is homophonous with the word “shou” (寿). Therefore, the word “narrow bed” when pronounced closely resembles the word “longevity”. From this auspicious meaning, not only in the royal palace but even in the junta also use such narrow sized beds.

This point is very different from today, modern people think that rest is very important for everyone’s health. So to create comfort, no matter what style the bed is designed, they need to meet a basic need of spaciousness.

The design is compatible with the rooms in the palace

In addition, the second reason why the beds in the palace are narrow in size is due to the area of ​​the rooms. In feudal times, the ancients considered the construction of rooms to be a big deal, there were many taboos when building and arranging furniture.

Because the room is used for people to live in, the architecture and structure of the room will directly affect that person’s luck. The ancients have a saying “Snail da man lacks a pillar” which means that the building is too big, but please don’t live in it. They think that the room is too big, it will easily let the yang go out, and disaster will follow.

The emperor's bed is only 1m wide: the last 2 reasons show the deep intentions of the ancients - Photo 2.

Because the bedroom area in the royal palace is small, the bed is also designed with a small size. (Photo: Baidu)

Therefore, in the royal palace, most of the rooms are designed to be the lowest and narrowest. They believe that the smaller the room, the more gas will accumulate, and the people in it will be very safe. Especially the bedroom will have an area of ​​​​no more than 10 square meters. Thus, the bed will be selected with a small size to fit the room space.

Another thing is that the rooms in the palace often use wood to build. The weight capacity of wood is limited, the smaller the crossbar, the stronger the room will be, and the bed will also be designed with a commensurate size for convenient layout.

Based on the number of conjugates in the palace

In the palace, the emperor has thousands of beautiful women and concubines, so the number of concubines and nobles can be said to be long queues. Most of them have their own palaces, the number of rooms that the court gives them is not a small number. But the emperor only has one, it is not possible to visit all the concubines every day.

The emperor's bed is only 1m wide: the last 2 reasons show the deep intentions of the ancients - Photo 3.

Not only the emperor’s bed, all the beds in the palace are of such small size. (Photo: Baidu)

Moreover, most of the time, when the emperor chooses to impregnate the concubines, they will be taken to his palace. If the emperor goes to the palace of his concubine, according to the regulations of the court, he will rest there for two hours and then return to his palace. Therefore, the court decided to save the budget by building the rooms of the concubines with a small area.

Here, it can be seen that the ancients, in addition to designing the emperor’s bed with a small size, meant to wish him a long life, and also showed that every decision he made was carefully calculated to bring benefits. reality. 20220410022439235.htm

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