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The striptease man knelt in the middle of the hotel lobby, causing public shock

Recently, a rare incident happened at a hotel in Genting Highlands (Malaysia) that caused a stir in public opinion. Accordingly, on April 6, a 46-year-old office assistant (Chinese) stayed with his wife and two children at this resort.

However, for some unknown reason, around 4:30 p.m. on the same day, the man suddenly undressed in the hotel lobby. More importantly, after taking off his clothes, he even knelt in front of his wife and children as if he was apologizing in front of the whole family.

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The man’s bizarre actions left the entire hotel scared and stunned because they couldn’t understand what was happening. Seeing the unusual scene, one of the staff quickly rushed to use a towel to wrap around the man’s body, another employee quickly called the police to ask for help.

After receiving the news, the local authorities rushed to the scene to deal with the incident. They asked the man to get dressed, took him to the police station, and then went to the hospital in Bentong, in Pahang, a Malaysian state.

According to the initial investigation by the authorities, this man is a salesman in China. Recently, he has been under great pressure from work, which has led to his sudden and confusing behavior. Notably, he showed panic when someone asked about his relationship with colleagues at the company. The family has yet to give an official explanation.

The incident about the man, after being shared, received great attention from the online community. Most expressed surprise because they did not think the pressure from work could make people so stressed. Besides, many people also expressed concern for the man’s mental health and hoped that he would soon return to a normal state.

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