Black box of crashed Chinese plane found

Chinese aviation officials announced that they had found the black box of the plane that crashed on March 21 in Guangxi province while carrying 132 people.

A black box “from China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 was found on March 23,” said Liu Lusong, spokesman for the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Serious damage

According to Global Timesthe black box was found in a severely damaged state. People’s Daily Reportedly, because the newly found black box was badly damaged, it was not immediately clear whether this was a data recorder or a cockpit voice recorder.

The engineering team is trying to extract data from the newly found black box.

Found the black box of the crashed Chinese plane-1
The black box in the hands of the rescue team. Photo: CCTV.

According to Paper, the Boeing 737-800 model is fitted with two black boxes manufactured by the American company Honeywell. A data recorder (FDR), is installed at the end of the passenger compartment. When plane Departure, FDR will start recording detailed data such as altitude, speed, direction …

The other black box is the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), installed at the end of the cargo compartment. The CVR will record four audio channels: the captain’s channel, the first officer’s channel, the backup channel, and the ambient sound channel.

The final data was emitted from the aircraft’s computer at 14:22 at an altitude of 982 m, from FlightRadar24 data.

The Boeing was at an altitude of about 8,800 meters when it began to plunge at high speed. The data shows that the pilot managed to pull the plane out of the crash and regain altitude. But then, the plane continued to plunge at a speed close to the speed of sound.

Big shock

Eyewitnesses described the plane plummeting to the ground in an almost vertical direction.

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A TV in a restaurant in China shows the scene of a plane crash in Guangxi. Photo: Reuters.

According to China Dailyat a press conference on March 23, an official said at the time of the incident, the weather conditions were normal.

Chairman of China Eastern Airlines, Ton The Anh, said that the three pilots operating the plane met problem have a lot of flying experience and are all healthy.

The families of the pilots also got along well.

At a press conference, China Eastern said that the crashed plane started flying in June 2015 and always met strict technical safety standards.

Before departing on March 21, the Boeing 737-800 met the flight requirements.

The airline also confirmed that the grounding of all planes with the same model as the Boeing 737-800 does not mean there is a problem with this model. This is only an emergency response to serious safety incidents and is a responsible act for passengers.

China Eastern also emphasized that the carrier has enough transportation capacity and will not be affected by the move.

The airline issued a statement after aviation experts said the grounding of the entire fleet was unusual, unless there is evidence that the Boeing 737-800 model is problematic.

The plane crash was a huge shock to China’s aviation industry as the country has rarely seen such serious incidents in the past 20 years.

China’s Civil Aviation Administration said that as of February 19, passenger airlines in China had reached a world record when operating for 100 million hours for 137 months without any major accidents.

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