Schoolgirl was gang raped by 5 men, recounts a haunting call

When she received the phone call from her daughter, her family found her crying a lot, panicking, her voice weak, and unable to stand up.

According to NDTV, Recently, there was a case in India sexual assault The group caused public outrage. The victim was a student at a local college.

Specifically, at the time of the incident, a female student who was outside a school in Khatoli area was suddenly controlled by 5 men, dragged into a car and taken to Delhi.

During the journey, the girl was raped by a group of people in the car. When they satisfied their passion, they threatened the victim not to tell anyone about the incident or they would handle it.

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Then, they threw the victim on the road and drove the car away. The girl tried to pull out the phone, call her relatives, and tell her story despite being threatened by a group of perverts before.

According to the victim’s family, when they received their daughter’s phone call, they found her crying a lot, panicking, voice weak, no longer strong enough to return home by herself. Her family then came to take her home.

As noted by the local media, the girl’s relatives have filed a report with the police, wishing to soon bring the group of scum to punishment.

Receiving information, the police investigated and quickly found the identities of the suspects, including Shiva, Arun, Ansh, Varun and Sumit Kumar.

Initially, the police determined that the group of people was known to victimknew her class schedule, so when they saw her standing outside the school gate alone, they took action to commit depraved acts.

Currently, the girl’s mentality has gradually stabilized. The police are also on the hunt for the five suspects.

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