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Fireplane fills with water in 12 seconds

CanadaThe DHC-515 Firefighter picks up water at a rapid rate by landing on the water and opening its valves, which can transport up to 700,000 liters per day.

DHC-515 Firefighter seaplane discharging water.  Photo: De Havilland Canada

DHC-515 Firefighter seaplane discharging water. Image: De Havilland Canada

De Havilland Canada introduces its newest seaplane to fight wildfires, the DHC-515 Firefighter. The aircraft has many innovations, including the ability to fill fresh or salt water in just 12 seconds, New Atlas reported on April 10.

In recent years, wildfires are causing more concern. The world is also increasingly interested in the techniques and technologies needed to deal with this disaster. One of the most impressive ways to put out fires in remote areas is to drop large quantities of water and flame retardants by airplanes.

The DHC-515 Firefighter was developed based on the Canadianair CL-215 and CL-415 aircraft. De Havilland Canada conducted an extensive technical and business review to pave the way for the production of the new seaplane model for international customers.

The DHC-515 Firefighter is a multirole aircraft equipped with internal tanks. Most firefighting aircraft are ground-based and have to pump water onto the aircraft, but the DHC-515 simply lands on the water, opens the valves and lets the water in. Its speed of doing this job is twice as fast as that of its closest competitor, according to De Havilland Canada. As a result, the aircraft not only easily refills water in seconds, but also flies many flights, transporting up to 700,000 liters of water per day.

In addition to fast watering, the DHC-515 Firefighter features a lift wing and turbofan engine for instant propulsion and safer mountain driving. It can also handle extreme conditions such as high fire-induced winds and rough seas up to two meters high.

Other features include navigation and advanced avionics. The aircraft can also be modified, fitted with special spray equipment for insect control or sprayed with oil spill dispersant. The large doors of the cargo compartment also allow the aircraft to join the relief work when needed.

De Havilland Canada has received orders for 22 DHC-515 Firefighters. The first is expected to be delivered in 2025. “Getting the DHC-515 into production is important not only to the company but also to the countries that use our aircraft to protect people and forests”, Brian Chafe , CEO De Havilland Canada, shared.

“We understand the important role aircraft can play in protecting people and property. As the climate continues to change and both temperatures and the length of summer increase, the DHC-515 will be an important tool. important to help countries around the world put out forest fires,” added Chafe.

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