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Robots can touch and feel like humans

Robots that replace human jobs such as assembling, loading and unloading goods, transporting … have become no stranger to us, but those are just jobs that need movement, things that need both meticulousness and skillful tactile sense, almost very few robots can do. That’s what scientists are still working on to develop robots.

Cleverly place the stacked cups without letting them spill. Or pick up the paper bird without making it fold, that’s because the robot finger can sense.

What the inventors do is take the signal from the artificial fingertip from the camera images, then extract the movement of these images on a computer and use it as an artificial neural signal.

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Dr Nathan Lepora, Professor of Robotics & AI, University of Bristol, UK, said: “Forty years ago, there was classic work on recording sound from the nerve cells of the fingertip to view neural signals. how the nerve works when the tip of the finger is pressed against the object, and we found that this really matches what we can extract from our artificial fingertip. will find that information and sensations transmitted from the tip of the artificial finger work like human touch.”

In the future, this invention could be applied to all the fingers and limbs of soft-bodied robots, allowing the robots to handle tools and complete manipulation tasks in a similar way to humans.

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Mr. Georg Martius – Research leader of the Max Planck Institute, UK: “The robot finger can measure the force when touching an object, which is what our skin is still doing. From there, the robot can control and control fine-tuning operations when performing certain tasks”.

This opens the door to developing robots that can perform tasks in a variety of environments such as housework, farm production or taking care of a patient’s health. This new invention could even be used in the production of sensory prostheses for humans.

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