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Son burying mother and sister’s body in backyard

CNN (USA) on April 10 reported on a case where two dead bodies were found stuffed in plastic containers buried in the backyard of a family living in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois (USA). .

According to court documents filed in Cook County Court, 45-year-old Michael Lelko has been charged with two counts of concealing a death or moving a body when the bodies of his mother and sister were dead. he was found.

Police Chief Thomas Herion told CNN that Michael has not been charged with the deaths of his mother, Jean Lelko, and sister, Jennifer Lelko, because the coroner’s office was unable to determine the cause of death by autopsy. severely decomposed body.

Michael Lelko’s brother, John Lelko, was also arrested but not formally charged and was later released.

The strange family did not use water for a year, the police came to check and uncover the truth about 2 burial boxes in the backyard - Photo 1.

Thomas Herion said federal law enforcement is looking into whether criminal charges will be filed, because Jean Lelko’s Social Security book was cashed in the following period. when she died, the amount was about 75,000 to 80,000 USD (equivalent to 1.7 to 1.8 billion VND).

Weird family test uncovers terrible secret

According to a court document, the police conducted a health check at the home of the Lelko family members on August 26, 2021, for a year, this family did not use it. country.

After talking to neighbors at the time, police happened to spot Michael Lelko walking down the street.

Michael told police that his family had been without running water for a year and that his brother had a heart condition. After getting the man’s consent, the police entered the house to check, but they quickly discovered that the only way to get in and out of the house was… through the window.

“Police officers attempted to enter the house, but the entrance was almost completely blocked with piles of junk,” the court documents said. “Due to the poor condition of the house, police officers were only able to get inside through the window.”

The strange family did not use water for a year, the police came to check and uncover the truth about 2 burial boxes in the backyard - Photo 2.

Michael Lelko’s photo.

Sheriff Thomas Herion said: “The doors were barricaded with debris. I could see fleas, flies and garbage piled up from floor to ceiling. The house reeked of urine and feces.”

Finally, the police had to wear biohazard protective suits to get inside. After calling an ambulance to provide medical attention to John Lelko, the police asked Michael about his mother and sister, but there was no clear answer.

Confession in peace

While in the ambulance, John Lelko testified that he buried his mother in the backyard after she died in 2015. As for Michael Lelko, he continued to deposit money in his mother’s Social Security book and had 2 withdrawals from her account.

This man also confessed to burying his mother’s body in the yard after her death. The older sister also died in 2019 from Covid-19 infection. However, the fact is that the United States recorded its first death from this disease in February 2020. Both women’s bodies were stuffed in large plastic bins and buried in the yard.

After Michael Lelko showed police where the bodies were buried, Lyons Police Department officers and Cook County coroners arrived at the site and “excavated two large plastic containers containing the remains of two women.” “.

Court documents say: “Dead remains were found in each plastic box and DNA analysis was conducted.”

Tandra Simonton, a spokeswoman for the Cook County District Attorney’s Office, said Michael is currently released on bail and is being monitored electronically, pending a court date.

Source: CNN valley-chon-o-san-sau-ha-2022041111082311.chn

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