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Design a garden roof to keep cool in the summer

1. Manual rotating movable awning

This is a fairly popular mobile canopy product chosen by many customers because it has the ability to turn quickly in and out depending on weather conditions, suitable for both the elderly and the elderly. children. The hand-cranked movable awning is designed with a variety of designs and large areas. Its structure is also quite simple, with high durability. The hand-cranked movable roof is suitable for many different installation locations such as in front of the house, in the yard, in the parking lot…

2. A-shaped eaves

The A-shaped movable awning is known by many as the movable roof because it is designed into two symmetrical roofs, not one roof like a traditional roof. The A-shaped movable awning not only helps you cover the sun and rain, but also brings a unique style to your home space.

In addition, the mobile A-shaped awning has wheels at the base, so it is very flexible, can be moved to any position you want. Thanks to the solid, stable frame, diverse color materials, eye-catching design. The ability to be flexible, easy to operate, but the large A-shaped roof is preferred by many customers.

3. Folding roof

Folding roof is one of the most beautiful and most popular garden roof types today. In addition to the effect of shading the sun and rain, the folding roof also brings aesthetics to the user. Using the folding roof, you will make the most of the natural space for children to entertain after every hour of studying, for the elderly to sit and talk to each other about old stories, for the family to gather after a long time. work hard. The folding roof is very convenient, you can pull it out depending on the weather condition and usage needs. Folding roofs are designed with many diverse designs, suitable for many different spaces.

4. The roof of the hut

The roof of the hut is an idea to design a garden roof for families with a large garden space. The roof is in the form of a hut to create shade for the garden. There are many different models of huts. You need to choose the model that matches the design of the garden and the overall style of the house.

5. Awning

Another simple roof design idea is that you continue to add and expand the porch you already have. You can use wood or steel to realize that design idea. Expanding the awning into a garden roof is chosen by many people because it saves a lot of money.

6. Glass garden roof

This tempered glass garden canopy is loved by many people because sitting under it, you still enjoy the beauty of the space without being affected by nature.

7. Cover the garden with straw, bamboo leaves

If you like simple rustic beauty, a straw garden roof is a perfect choice. Today, straw roofs are on the throne. The unique but rustic designs from agricultural wastes bring a highlight to your garden. Sitting under a straw roof will make you feel very comfortable even on the hottest days.

8. Cover the garden from green leaves

The use of large trees available in the garden to make roofs is a great idea. It both saves costs and does not affect the overall landscape of the garden. Green roofs are created from pruning climbing plants such as roses, bougainvillea, jasmine… to create unique green roofs. The whole family sitting around enjoying a cup of fruit juice in the hot summer days under those roofs will be great.

9. Roof garden with wooden poles

Using wood or bamboo to design the roof of the garden is never out of fashion. The wooden roofs, though simple and rustic, are equally delicate. However, the economy to invest in this type of roof is quite expensive. In addition to making a roof, you need to design with bonsai, vines, and lights to increase the romance of the garden space.

10. The porch combined with the space of the outdoor swimming pool

Today, families with spacious living space, besides designing a beautiful and aesthetic house, they also design suitable garden roofs that come with the idea of ​​​​the roof combined with the lake. swim. This roof can both be used to cover the pool when you swim in the sun or rain, and it is also used as a gathering place for family and friends on free days.

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