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The ‘unique’ way of saving the hunger of the Chinese people in the middle of the blockade

While the Shanghai government is still implementing a blockade order to prevent the rapid spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, a city resident has been nicknamed “Hao Neighbor” after this person used a mobile phone. Drones (UAVs) deliver food to feed the hungry neighbor.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the woman who received the relief package many times has posted the touching story on China’s Douyin social network. She said the man, nicknamed Afei, used the drone to deliver daily necessities such as lettuce, cucumber, oranges, fish and even Vitamin C.

The Chinese people's unique way of saving hunger in the midst of the blockade - Photo 1.

The UAV transports food to “save hunger” between two neighbors. (Photo: SCMP)

At the end of the published video, a line in Chinese that means “Good neighbor” appears on the screen, and the woman loudly says “I am extremely happy”.

Since the city of Shanghai implemented a blockade order and asked all people to stay at home to prevent the epidemic, food security is the most concerned issue for local residents.

On April 11, the city issued the first relaxing regulations. Accordingly, some areas are classified as “cautious zones”, where people can move in the specified area.

Regarding the amount of goods sent by “Hao Neighbor”, Mr. Afei once sent his neighbor a bunch of lettuce on the first day. Later, while chatting via WeChat, the girl said that there were no fruits in the house, at this time Mr. Afei sent her half a cucumber on the 2nd day.

On the third day, Mr. Afei sent an apple and a bun and a note to remind the girl to “have breakfast” on the fourth day.

The Chinese people's unique way of saving hunger in the midst of the blockade - Photo 2.

Half of the fish is cooked by the girl with the rest of the spices in the house. (Photo: SCMP)

One of the gifts that the girl “unexpected most” was half a fish delivered to her house one morning.

“It took him all night to find and order food online. He bought a perch and shared half with me,” the girl said in the video shared online.

The girl cooked half a fish with the rest of the spices in the house and did not forget to exclaim “The food is delicious”.

“There is only one way to satisfy each other”, the girl also expressed her goodwill by sending Afei some snacks.

“He has given me the greatest gifts in life,” emphasized the girl

The girl’s “romantic” story quickly received the attention of Chinese netizens. Many people also want to charm the couple.

“If both of you are single, go to the Civil Affairs Department to register your marriage as soon as the Covid-19 epidemic ends. We wish you all the best,” wrote one online comment.

The blockade order in place in Shanghai since March 28 has raised concerns about the risk of shortages of food and daily necessities in the city, as well as in many other areas in China. .

Amidst the 25 million people in Shanghai trying to stock up on goods as much as possible, many people elsewhere in panic also started buying groceries at home. However, many people have a desire to support the anti-epidemic financial center by donating and sending goods to Shanghai. However, due to the impact of epidemic prevention regulations, the capacity and logistics activities for Shanghai are being delayed.

On April 10, Shanghai recorded a record number of new Covid-19 cases in a day with 24,944 cases.

Up to now, Shanghai has locked down the whole city for 2 weeks to prevent the rapid spread of the Omicron mutation. Due to travel restrictions, many items such as eggs, fruits, and toiletries quickly fell into short supply.

“We have converted 136 tons of vegetables, pork, beef, and 12,000 bottles of cooking oil as well as prepackaged foods into eight types of food to be delivered to the door of each household,” said Shao Jun, director of the Chamber of Commerce in Thanh Hoa province. Hai said on April 9.

In Shanghai, many volunteers also help deliver food packages to people’s doors.

The Shanghai government said it will soon remove some restrictions on lockdown in some areas of the city.

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