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Hanging clothes opposite the door, should or not?

According to the concept of feng shui, the entrance to the door is the breath of the whole house, similar to the nose and mouth of a person. The “airway” plays an important role, which of course cannot be obstructed.

Hanging clothes opposite the door is not good, affecting the family’s fortune. The reason is because there are all kinds of clothes, including underwear, in some places, the concept of the god of wealth is very taboo.

The door is the place where people come in and out, it will be unsightly if the clothes catch the eye when entering the house. Hanging clothes opposite the door obstructs the view of people, makes the house not ventilated, affects the career development of your family.

Hanging clothes opposite the door, should or not?  - Photo 1.

Drying clothes opposite the door will adversely affect feng shui, the space of the house as well as people’s vision. Illustration

In the event that there is no other place to hang clothes, it is best to change the position, avoiding the drying room facing the door.

Some suitable places to dry clothes

Large yard

Drying clothes in a large yard helps air circulate more smoothly. In terms of feng shui, if the drying space is too small, it is easy to condense too much dirty air, attracting more and more evil spirits over time. If you want to block evil spirits, you should dry your clothes in a large yard.


Clothes drying on the balcony will dry faster because the balcony air flow is very strong, the sunny conditions are quite good. In feng shui, the strong circulation of air and abundant sunshine will prevent evil spirits, helping the family to be happier.


The place to wash and dry clothes should be placed out of sight from the outside, with flat roofs, it is advisable to arrange a place for washing and drying on the terrace. You design a small laundry room with a roof to avoid the sun and rain and not worry about losing your belongings.

The terrace is a very good place for ventilation and air gathering, both providing fresh air and sunshine, and can prevent bad air.

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