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What could Trump’s one-sided comments about his health mean?

In spite of The 2022 midterm elections are fast approachingWith control of Congress hanging in the balance, the question of whether Donald Trump will once again attempt to seek the presidency in 2024 continues to swirl in national political discussions.

Pols, the pundit, and former Trump associates are divided over whether he will toss his hat into the ring for a third time. Michael Cohen, the president’s former attorney and “fixer,” told CNN last year that “Trump’s fragile ego cannot be seen as a double loser”. On the other hand, many analysts – myself included – believe that Trump is very likely to make another crack when he returns to the White House in 2024. In a recent one. piece, pieceI argue that regardless of the stakes, Trump is likely to have no choice but to run for re-election, with a host of legal issues affecting him, family members and business interests. his business.

This direct comment – one that seemed to come as something of a contemplation at the end of the interview – sent shockwaves across the political establishment.

So with so many threats to him personally, as well as to his party and to the country, it is remarkable that, in a Interview with The Washington Post, the former president raised the possibility that his health could become an important factor in considering whether he will run for re-election in 2024: “You always have to talk about health. You seem to be in good health, but tomorrow you get a letter from your doctor saying come see me again. It’s not good that they use the word again.”

This direct comment – one that seemed to come as something of a contemplation after the conclusion of the interview – sent shockwaves across the political establishment, because it was the first time Trump, who already is known to be secretive about sharing his health records with the public, seems to acknowledge that health issues may have influenced his decision to run for office. He has often deliberately misleading and even dishonest about their health, and for him to proactively put it out there as a potential reason not to run in 2024 was something of a landmark. But Trump is Trump, what you see or hear is not exactly what you get, and it would be ill-advised to take his remarks with real value.

There are three possible ways to interpret Trump’s recent comments, all of which have important political consequences for national and even international politics.

The first day, he may actually have some serious undisclosed health problems. Trump, who will be 78 years old by the time he takes office if he is elected for another term, already has access to the best healthcare in the world. But old age, his 2020 match with coronaviruswas paired with fatand what was recognized as a generally unhealthy lifestyle can catch up with him. There’s also been speculation that he might even participate early stages of dementia. Unbelievably, in a rare moment of candlelight, Trump could have said aloud what he could hear from his medical team – that he simply couldn’t stand the rigors. of another presidential campaign, less than four years in office.

Second, probably Trump never intended to run for office, and he will use his health to justify speculation about his political return for a long time. I, along with probably millions of others, recently received an email from Trump on behalf of Save America, an organization that raises funds on behalf of Save America and Make America Great. again political action committee, celebrating his alleged hole-in-one while he was playing against “some of the greatest golfers in our country.” His supporters have been invited to help celebrate his achievement by donating a minimum of $75 to his political organization in exchange for a signed photo of him on a green background. .

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This invitation from Trump is just the latest in a series of electronic tools soliciting money from the country MAGA. Since leaving office, Trump has continued to garner his loyal supporters for every last penny possible. Cohen called Trump’s post-presidential fundraiser is “nothing more than the greatest ingenuity in the world” and says Trump is “bringing in bigger sums than when he had the Trump Organization with all of his assets.” it.” Since leaving the White House, Trump raised more than 130 million dollars from his loyal fan base, largely because many felt that he would return to politics.

But at some point, the rubber will meet the road, and he will have to announce the third run or cut the bait. Assuming he never had much intention of making another auction amid fears of losing to Joe Biden a second time, he would need a convenient and non-exclusive reason why. he does not run after he has poured too much flour. Citing growing health concerns as the perfect way out of a messy and compromising situation he’s created versus his donors.

One final possibility is that Trump is sending a test balloon. The danger that underlying health problems might prevent him from running reminds me of a famous quote by the Chinese war philosopher Sun Tzu: “When you are strong, you appear weak and strong. strong when you are weak”. Suggesting that health problems might prevent him from running could be an attempt to see how other Republicans react. Make explicit GOP heirs such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pounce on what might be seen as Trump’s weakness to gain an advantage before 2024, or do they regroup behind the former president for a show of continued loyalty? Trump’s ego will make it very difficult for him to step aside and hand over the power of the GOP to a new driver; if anything, he will want to be seen as a king and will carefully evaluate potential successors to the MAGA movement, demanding total allegiance. Giving hints about possible health problems is part of that vetting process to see who he will be able to control when he steps aside.

I still believe that the probability that Trump will run for office is better than not. Just last week, he tease another presidential run at a political rally in North Carolina. Either way, it will be interesting to see if he returns to his health issues in the run-up to 2024.

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