“Choking” because holding billions of money can’t buy a piece of land in the countryside, a road in the village

Sharing his heart before the land price skyrocketed over the years, to the point that he and his wife could no longer buy it, Mr. V said: About 3 years ago, a 200m2 plot of land, a large concrete road in the village, near his house. he has a price of about 100-170 million, now has reached the billion mark. Now I have 600-700 million dong, I can’t buy it.

“Sometimes I see the price of land skyrocketing, the price of coastal land has increased, the land with street fronts in the village and hamlet has also increased. Until now, only billions of dollars can be seen,” said Mr. V.

V and his wife have been married for a while, because they live with their parents, so Mr. V also wants to save up and buy his own land, consider it as a savings, or later want to live separately and also have a planned place. However, going to inquire about land prices around the area where he lived (Quang Xuong district) made him “stunned”. He thought that about 600-700 million could buy a “delicious” piece of land in the countryside, but the fluctuating land prices made his thoughts “outdated”. If a few years ago, with that financial level, it was possible to buy a piece of land with a business front, but until now, it is still not possible to buy land in the alleys of villages and communes to live in.

“Currently, I have to go to Yen Dinh to buy a piece of land for 600 million VND to make a “save”, consider it as an investment, but do not consider going there, because it is far from my parents’ place. , Mr. V choked said.


Records show that land prices in coastal districts of Thanh Hoa have fluctuated sharply for about 2 years. The land fever passed, causing the plots of land in the alley deep in the people, the price also increased sharply. Currently, although the land fever is no longer there, the land price has been set at the new ground, no longer the same price as before. The villagers to buy a piece of land near the house to give to their children and grandchildren becomes a luxury.

The current auctions are also stunning as the auction prices have increased many times in previous years. In this locality, there has also been a situation where, when auctions take place, most real estate brokers “hug” and then sell at high prices. The land of the people previously sold, the current price increased many times.

For example, a land of 100m2 in Quang Xuong district bought for 1.3 billion VND, sold 1.8 billion VND after 2 months. While the price of 1.3 billion is almost “stagnant” from June 2021 to present.

Records show that, at present, Thanh Hoa land is starting to increase in price again, rural areas with large road frontages are fluctuating from 100-300 million VND/plot compared to January 2022.

Accordingly, this local government has recently implemented many measures to ensure auction activities. Thanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment has been reviewing and re-checking the activities of the real estate auction organization because many unusual signs have occurred. Leaders of Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee said that at this stage, the local real estate market has not had a sustainable development; Many potential risks; The database, information on the real estate market is lacking; Transparency is not guaranteed; The work of inspection, examination and handling of violations of the locality has not yet met the requirements.

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