In April, the top VPop stars attended the Vietnam Light Up Music Festival

Festive colors returned when VPBank “treated” a free music and light party with explosive performances by Ha Anh Tuan, Ho Ngoc Ha, Toc Tien, Erik, Hoang Dung, My Anh, and GDucky. .

All tickets for the concert will be given free of charge to customers and spectators by VPBank. Owning this special ticket, music lovers will be “booked” to participate in a journey to “liberate” all senses with top-notch sound, light and technology, along with performances and collabs. from top VPop stars…

Musical journey awakens all senses

True to the name Light Up Vietnam, the music festival promises to be an impressive journey of “lighting up” with sound and light technology, with a system of nearly 700 international standard lights on one stage. Giant up to 110m long. The highlight of the program is a light show using Lighting show technology combined with Vietnam’s leading led matrix, with more than 2000 meters of modern Led matrix and mid-range fireworks that bring a “light up” effect.

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The sound system is set up with 200 speakers from the D&B AudioTechnik brand – one of the most expensive, professional stage speaker systems in the world with top sound quality.

Musician Huy Tuan, the show’s music director, said: “After 2 years of separation, this is a big investment program with leading technology and technical factors to bring a great story. of music and the visual arts, an endless journey that awakens all the senses that we want to give audiences with all our heart.”

With elaborate staging by famous names in the music production world like musician Huy Tuan, Light up Vietnam will be filled with hit mashups and collabs, inspired by the intersection of a generation children boom with sustainable prosperity values.

Young names with breakthrough energy such as Hoang Dung, My Anh, GDucky, Erik will stand shoulder to shoulder with senior artists with sustainable energy such as Ha Anh Tuan, Ho Ngoc Ha, Toc Tien . The combination of these two energies will bring about explosive performances and really light up Vietnam from a musical perspective.

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The first large-scale entertainment event in the “new normal”

Light Up Vietnam will also be a large-scale entertainment event of Ho Chi Minh City after nearly 1 year of separation. VPBank has invested and prepared very well for the event, with the hope that the program will start the “revival” of vibrant festival colors as well as promote an always optimistic Vietnamese spirit. resilient after the pandemic.

Besides, the concert is also an important mark in the big campaign “Light Up Vietnam” of green bank, marking the new brand positioning and the mission “For a prosperous Vietnam” which has just been announced. VPBank announced in early April.
Along with activities such as lighting up iconic buildings across the country, giving passbooks to orphans because of Covid-19, free medical examination and treatment for poor small businesses in many provinces and cities across the country. , we hope that the “Light Up Vietnam” concert will spread the meaning of the new prosperity values ​​that VPBank pioneered to the community, thereby arousing the desire to conquer new heights in the future. every young Vietnamese”, said VPBank representative.

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According to the Organizing Committee, the humanistic meaning of Light Up Vietnam is also the reason why the program quickly received “nods” from famous stars and art producers.

“Lighting up Vietnam” is a desire hidden deep in many generations of Vietnamese people, who always seek to build and develop the country according to their own abilities and fields. VPBank and the artists want to “light up” this positive energy and call for joint action “For a prosperous Vietnam”, the representative of the Organizing Committee shared.

This is not the first time VPBank has brought Vietnamese audiences a high-class music party. Green Bank has built a reputation with legendary concerts in Vietnam by world famous artists such as Richard Clayderman or Kenny G.
Light Up Vietnam promises to become the next highlight to enrich the top-notch music series under VPBank’s brand such as VPBank Private Concert, VPBank Legend Concert.

And more than that, the extreme music experience of the program will be a great spiritual gift that the bank wants to dedicate exclusively to Gen Z, the owners who hold the prosperous future of the country.

“Hunting” free tickets to the Vietnam Light Up Music Festival

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To own the free tickets of Light Up Vietnam, the audience only needs to download the VPBank NEO app, select the “ticket hunting” section, register for a beautiful digital account online from April 10, and make the first transaction. within 24 hours of account opening; or join the minigame series held on VPBank Fanpage (hyperlink: from April 12 to April 18, 2022. Because the number of tickets is limited, customers who register as soon as possible will have more chances to burn out with their idols at this concert.

Pearl league

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