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3 types of women potentially at risk of “damaging” their marriage

Before getting married, everyone wishes they had a lot of energy and courage to give, so that every day together would be happy. But the reality marriage often far from our imagination, will even disillusion many people. However, you don’t need to worry. Just take it slow step by step, listen and observe more to make timely corrections. Don’t hold on to the old, antiquated things that we think are right. In particular, you should remember, there are 3 personality types, corresponding to these 3 types of people you should avoid. Because when you get it, it will bring a lot of trouble to you relationship.

The type of person who doesn’t know how to save face for the other party

For some people who are aggressive and have a high ego, they will put more emphasis on problems than losing, right and wrong in many aspects of their lives. life. For example, husband and wife argue over family matters, they will want to dominate and win so that the other person has to keep his mouth shut. Or it’s the type of woman who gets angry easily in public, saying her husband is no good, despite other eyes watching. It is also possible that the issue causing the conflict is minor, even an innocuous topic. However, with the type of person who understands victory, does not know how to save face for the opponent, they will not be shy, just like that.

3 types of women with potential risk of


You need to understand two things. One is a man who desperately needs personal face. He can lose face in front of you when you two argue in the room, but don’t make him lose face to outsiders, because it will affect other relationships of the man. Second, sometimes in life, there are small things that we should let go of. Right – wrong is not as important as peace on both sides. Even if you win the “upper door”, but is it worth it for the couple to talk softly with each other?

So, know how to grasp the situation, put your face and him first. With issues that are not really important that directly affect the two of them, they should be gently ignored.

The type of person who is always angry and jealous of others

There is an example like this. You and him are two very straightforward people, both inclined to reason, love each other through connotation and inner harmony instead of expressing too much emotion. The two have maintained such a relationship throughout the years. But you often scrutinize, criticize and criticize the couples that exchange kisses and hugs that you see. Then that is extremely wrong.

Love and marriage do not have a universal formula that applies to everyone. You and the other person can love each other in this way, but do not criticize or disparage the type of love that is not like you. As long as they do not violate ethics, laws and enjoy in love. Also, avoid criticizing others in front of your man. They may appear to follow these thoughts on the surface, but in fact, in the heart, more or less also think that you live a bit narrow-minded, with little empathy for others.

3 types of women with potential risk of


The type of person who always lives in the past

Living in the past means that they can only be happy when they cling to nostalgia. Of course, sometimes nostalgia is a good thing. That’s when we appreciate the past, remember the good times, but to develop more, to help the present and the future always keep joy and happiness. The way they live in the past in a negative way means that they are too obsessed with what happened, whether happy or sad. The past seems to them to be a quagmire that is difficult to get out of.

Most of these people are negative, they do not appreciate the present and the future, only patting themselves with the past. Gradually, they lose themselves, no longer love themselves. Women should absolutely not sink into the past. What you should do is try your best for the present, as a premise for the future, so as not to waste time with that person. chn

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