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Celebrating a birthday with a hidden camera made 5 Miss World Vietnam 2022 contestants almost… crying on stage!

A situation of “howling swallows” just happened at the contest Miss World Vietnam 2022. During the livestream of a rehearsal, the organizers called five contestants by name to step on the stage because the representatives of the crews filmed, photographed, edited, and commented that they did not cooperate with the crew.

Miss World 2022 contestants are so excited because they are reminded by the organizers

Ms. Pham Kim Dung – Head of the Organizing Committee of Miss World Vietnam 2022 directly called the names of 5 girls: Nguyen Phuong Nhi, Duong Hong Phuong Mai, Ho Ngoc Khanh Linh, Duong Thanh Ha, Phan Thi Phan Huyen. Ms. Dung’s voice was quite strict, making the girls worried and hurriedly stepped forward.

The contestants couldn’t hide their tension

Ms. Dung also reminded: “Just walk normally, no need to walk.”

It turned out to be a surprise birthday party

However, Mrs. Dung then claimed that these contestants had one thing in common, that… they had the same birthday in April, causing the whole studio to explode. The girls who were told their names were both excited and emotional at the same time. The team then also brought the birthday cake to celebrate with everyone. When being interviewed, the contestants all said that they almost fainted because of fear.

5 contestants were given cakes and cute hairdos

Still can’t hide the panic

When the clip was spread online, people also howled for the girls, and at the same time praised the BTC for having such a delicate and lovely move. Many people even compare it to saluting the flag when the headmaster’s name is mentioned. This is definitely an unforgettable birthday for the 5 contestants. There are also comments that this is a clever way to remind all candidates to always keep a professional attitude with the team.

– BTC is so cute, it makes the sisters go crazy.

– Howling the swallow, sorry you guys are afraid.

– Just walk normally, no need to walk! The sky seemed to fall.

– A double story! Really smart team! If you haven’t made a mistake, reminding it like that will help you remember it longer so you don’t make a mistake.

– A truly memorable birthday.

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