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Married for a month, not yet married, listening to my mother-in-law say I hugged my face and cried

For me, this marriage is not for money but for love, but the people next to him always think I’m greedy.

Although I am not the daughter of a rich family, with excellent looks, those who know me all comment that I am a smart and cheerful girl. My life motto is very simple, do what you like, live according to your heart.

Over 30 years old, I have not been married and have never had a deep love. To be more precise, no man has passed my test. I need someone who is persistent, understands me and respects my travel preferences.

The day I met him, talked with him for a while, I felt that he was different from other men. He is experienced, fun and gives me a sense of security. His confidence makes me believe and motivates me to strive.

Later knowing that he was a rich son, I admired him even more because he himself had never shown that wealth to the outside. He is always simple, speaks honestly and respects those who are weaker than him. Because of this, I’ve been in love with him ever since.

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For me, it doesn’t matter whether a man or a woman takes the initiative. When I feel like someone, I will find a way to approach them, probe them. More than 2 months of dating, talking and going to coffee, I took the initiative to say that I love him very much.

At that time, he hesitated and smiled and said nothing, but I thought, if he didn’t like me in his heart, why would he text me to ask, talk and be so happy with me? Is he still wondering about something?

And the truth is… he has a wife and is currently “raising a rooster”. That information left me somewhat disappointed. But over and over again, I accepted to love him. At that time, his joy really touched me. It turned out that he had liked me for a long time, had tried to confess many times but was afraid that I would refuse.

The thought that I was an unmarried girl but accepted to marry a married man and was willing to take care of her own husband’s children would be warmly welcomed by his family, but no… His mother scrutinized me from head to toe every day. I’m about to debut.

His mother hopes that he will bring her a beautiful, long-legged, rich future daughter-in-law worthy of his family. My looks, neither pretty nor rich, seem to disappoint you.

I tried to present myself, speak properly just to please my uncle, but still my mother considered me greedy.

His mother’s hint made me really sad. It seems that you think I am because of your money, because your family is rich, so you accept a man with a child of your own. You don’t think I loved you with all my heart. So, who is the daughter-in-law that you want to be?

I know that, but I still won’t let go of him. I want to prove to your mother that I don’t need this family’s possessions, the one I need is you.

After getting married, I plan to live with my husband’s parents. Thinking about that day, I’m a little worried. Although the wedding was not satisfied by his mother, it was also organized grandly to buy a face for her husband’s family. When giving gifts, the mother-in-law did not show a smile to her daughter-in-law, which really bothered me.

On the wedding night, I wanted to have a private, comfortable space with my husband, so I asked my mother to take me to sleep with her. But when the husband and wife were embracing each other, my mother suddenly knocked on the door and told me not to sleep, let me sleep with my father.

I stayed at home to play with my grandmother, she always let me sleep at night, so I was awake every night. Going to our room, he talked until 2-3 am. So husband and wife just lie down to look after each other.

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At first, because I loved my husband, I ignored and tolerated everything. But the selfishness of my mother-in-law made me feel depressed. (Illustration)

That night, he also asked me a question that made me purple: “Mom, did you marry my father because my family was rich? Did you see what Grandma said?” Children’s words may be said by adults, only then will they understand. Because of that sentence, I couldn’t stand it, rushed to the bathroom to cry forever.

Almost a month like that, we haven’t had a real wedding night since we got married. I have to discuss with my husband out to rent a motel for a day to enjoy the so-called wedding. Finally, the couple has a real “wedding night” in the middle of the day.

Even though I tried to take care of and love my husband’s children, my mother-in-law, because of her cruelty, was never satisfied with me. Every dish that I prepared for her grandson was tasted to see if it was suitable for her taste, which made me really upset.

At first, because I loved my husband, I ignored and tolerated everything. But the selfishness of my mother-in-law made me feel depressed. I don’t know how much more I can try because my husband himself does not dare to raise his voice to his mother and children. For him, children and mothers are still first. Even if you love me, I will always be an outsider.

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