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In the future, my sister-in-law will help take care of my wife and children

After my wife gave birth to a child, her health was very weak, the child was constantly sick, crying a lot. As for me, I work all day, at night I only sleep to have strength, so I can’t help my wife much. Both my grandparents have passed away, and my grandmother is weak and can’t help me and my wife.

For two months, the baby was crying, my wife didn’t get enough sleep, so depressed. When she was mildly ill, I was subjective, thinking that my wife would get better, so I didn’t take her to the doctor. When my wife cried all day, refused to hold the child, refused to do anything, I knew that the disease was more serious.

I took my wife to the doctor and bought a lot of medicine, took it for a whole week and didn’t feel better. I had to stay home from work take care of wife and children. Since my wife is pregnant, I have not made any money, all expenses in the house are taken from my salary. If I stay at home like this, next month my family will have to borrow money to live.

The night before, I had a fever, I had to get up to make medicine. When I turned on the light, I was startled to see my wife sitting in the corner of the kitchen, staring at her husband with fear. I walked over to hug my wife and coax her to go to sleep, staying up at night is bad for health.

After coaxing my wife to sleep, I went back to making medicine for my children, I don’t know when I will be able to get out of this miserable situation?

Knowing my wife’s difficult situation, yesterday my mother and brother came to visit. Looking at my family’s situation, my mother could only cry but could not help. Mom heart diseaseI told her not to cry, or else I would faint and I would be exhausted.

My brother advised me to bring my wife and children back to my hometown, then find something to do, later my sister-in-law will help take care of my wife and children. But in my hometown, there are only manual jobs, I have studied hard for 4 years at university, have 10 years of working experience. Restaurant manager hotel, but having to give it all up and start over is a waste.

In the city there are many large hospitals, which can treat the wife’s illness. I really wanted to hold on, but I had no money, so I was helpless. I don’t know how to get out of this deadlock situation, everyone?


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